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May 08, 2008


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Jim Zaccaria

I liked the premise, but felt uncomfortable with the idea a specific nationality being targeted; why not a Manny Horowitz? or Manny Corleone? [Even 'whitey' needs to embody these principles and learn from humble beginnings] The program Michael outlines in fact much resembles ideas I have had and feel a similar model could be employed to immigration reform as well.
I will be getting my copy of the E-Myth Revisited, but may just hold off on the Dreaming Room experience and just begin Applying my efforts, experiences and 'connections' TO my Dream, for it is Large and Worthy of being brought into the world ... Manny are waiting and so the 'Story' must be told and grown.

Paul Simister

I agree.

I first heard the Manny Espinosa story in the Dreaming Room and it sounds extremely worthy on the surface.

But then you start thinking about why any one race should be singled out for special treatment.

I abhor discrimination and I don't see positive discrimination as a way to tackle the problem since it just gives the bigots more fuel for the fire.

My review of "Awakening The Entrepreneur Within" was a painful one to write. I admire Michael Gerber so much but this book could have been much better.

Nick May

I am just reading the book for the second time. I feel I get more out of any book that is worth it to have a better understanding where the author is going, and get a lot more out of it. I too at first did not like the M.E. story the first time through. But now reading it again I understand why he did it. He wants you to "experience" the process as you would if you were creating this company. If he just gave some vague facts about it, you would not go along on the journey with him.

I totally disagree with Paul above. It is not sigiling out any one people group any more than a company selling to single moms, sports enthusiasts, or the handicaped. The reality is that it is so believable, because that need truely exists in our country, and it is a business that someone could start and help millions of people.

I too was not a big fan of the push for selling The Dreaming Room experience, but...you do know that all the business books ever written are there to get you to buy something else.

I recomend the book and give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Paul Simister


Thanks for an alternative perspective on Awakening The Entrepreneur which is interesting to read.

I suppose because I had been in the Dreaming Room, I was so looking forward to Awakening The Entrepreneur being published.

Then when I read it, I was bitterly disappointed.

E Myth Revisited by the same author, Michael Gerber is on my "read every year" list.

I threw away my copy of Awakening the Entrepreneur because it was so bad.


I liked the book. Listened to it on CD. It was my first Michael Gerber book so maybe many of you have higher expectations than I did. I enjoy hearing someone take a new look at a seemingly innocuous subject and making it exciting. I was a bit unnerved that only Hispanics were targeted by the “Who is Manny Espinosa” effort, but I also realize that Hispanics do fill many of the service industry positions and become disillusioned at their potential job prospects so if someone could motivate these individuals in this capacity and enhance their careers then I am all in favor of it.



If you liked Awakening The Entrepreneur Within - and especially on CD - then you should seek out The E Myth Revisited, E Myth Mastery and The E Myth Enterprise.

I was bitterly disappointed because I had been so excited about the book and for me it didn't deliver.

Awakening The Entrepreneur Within that is certainly dividing opinion at Amazon.com
I have just looked and there are now 26 reviews

5 stars - 7
4 stars - 5
3 stars - 4
2 stars - 3
1 star - 7

I can't imagine going back to it and reading it again.

But what really frustrates me is that there was one session in particular in The Dreaming Room I attended which was terrific when he was challenged about the process at the beginning of the final day.

Paul Simister

Reviews on Amazon.com for Awakeneing the Entrepreneur are still very mixed, perhaps more than any other book I can think of.

I'd like to get more debate going.

If you loved Awakening The Entrepreneur, can you tell me why please.

Or do you agree that this book is very poor?


Hi All,

I have read or listen to every book Michael has in the e-myth series, and I have to say I loved it. It took a step back and laid the groundwork for the thinking in the way he described the WME business model. I love books and such that give you the nuts and bolts and then lay it out in an example. I give it 5 out of 5. And I grew up in the south and was the minority where I lived, I am also white. So to say I hate discrimination is the understatement of the year, in any direction. But I have to agree with one of the previous reviews that Michael was simply laying the example out from start to finish on thinking, conceptualizing, implementation, etc. As a small business owner it helps a lot with seeing the vision drawn out clearly. By the by, on a personal note I think this business would be awesome for every young person to go through. This could be one of those Ah Ha moments that break the chains of poverty, gangs, and drugs in A LOT of people’s lives.

Tim, Co.

Anna Carolina

I was totally disappointed by it.

Foolish writing, I felt a little stupid by reading it. I thought the book would be a little bit more... I don't know... Instructive? Reliable? Objective? Less general? More unique?

It looks like the author is selling his "Dreaming Rooms" and himself throughout the chapters.

Really weak content, weak writing, weak... book.

Didn't like it at all. It's my first Gerber's book. I hope the others might be better.

Paul Simister

It's a book I will never read again but The E Myth Revisited is recommended, even though the style is tough to stomach.

I shy away from Michael Gerber's later books and it would take quite a lot to get me to change my mind.


I'm not finished it yet, and it's not exactly what I had hoped however it is giving me seeds of what I was seeking. I've spent two years Emything my business, I enrolled in the Emyth Mastery coaching program through Emyth worldwide, and read Emyth Mastery. I quite enjoy the more sappy writing, for me there's something there in the more spiritual part of the entrepreneurial process and I'm looking for more along those lines. I've read and re-read Emyth Revisted and Mastery several times over the past years and I always uncover new understanding. When I first read Emyth revisted I only "got" about 20% of it but over time I not only understood it but was able to put it all into practise in my business. I'm willing to trust that there might be more in this book than I'm seeing now, and I'll read the rest of it with an open and accepting mind and revisit it to see if the ideas gel.


I thought of this after my comment and thought it's worth adding. This phase of Michael Gerber's career reminds me very much of the advanced genius concept which you can find out more about here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Genius_Theory and here http://advancedtheory.blogspot.com/.

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