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July 24, 2008


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Mark Joyner

For the record, I most definitely want people to read the book :-) The book covers the "back story" about Simpleology that is not covered in the courses. I feel the ideas there are extremely important for everyone to know.

Paul Simister

Mark Thanks for your comment and I have amended my original blog. I still believe that people will benefit more by taking action and doing the Simpleology 101 course.

What I hadn't realised until I'd read some of the Amazon reviews was that the Simpleology website course existed well before the book.

That means that many people used the website (Mark Joyner has a fantastic reputation in internet marketing circles}before they read the background in the book.

I tried it the other way around starting with the book, got confused and didn't bother with the website.

My advice still remains - start with the Simpleology 101 program, then when you are in control and "getting what you want", read the book.

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