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November 07, 2009


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Joe Sugarman

Thanks for the nice review. The triggers mentioned in Advertising Secrets of the Written Word is in a single chapter. Since I received so much response from Chapter 19 in the book which mentioned the triggers, I wrote an entire book on it and expanded that chapter. Advertising Secrets is more of a book on how to write powerful copy and the more recent version is called Adweek Copywriting Manual. Triggers is out of print but I hope to reprint it shortly. Again, thanks for the excellent review.

Joe Sugarman



Joe I feel deeply honoured that one of my direct marketing heroes has commented on my blog.

Thanks for the explanation about Triggers, and Advertising Secrets Of The Written World.



I have added Triggers by Joe Sugarman to what I consider to be THE best marketing books.

Do you agree?


Paul Simister

Wow I have just been told about an exciting free giveaway of in interview that Joe Sugarman did with Dan O'Day on the triggers.

This is over 4 hours of content designed to promote the Lost Sugarman Tapes.


(affiliate link - the mp3s are free but if you go on to buy the Lost Sugarman Tapes, then I'll earn a commission.)

One thing I don't understand - the squeeze page for the recordings of this Triggers interview with Joe Sugarman mentions 29 triggers - there are 30 in the book and the recordings.

Is there a deep psychological meaning to this discrepancy?

I don't know - I have been able to download all 30 snippets.

Mark Joyner recommends that you listen to these at least ten times - I like the idea you can easily listen to the triggers which appeal to you most, implement those and then come back for more.


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