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December 15, 2009


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Yes, it is better than "The Goal" however, both are long on fluff. The "Logical Thinking Process" tools were developed during the time between the two books, and in "It's Not Luck" you see some of them in action. For "How to" advice, get H. William Dettmer's "The Logical Thinking Process". He is the master at making them come alive. It is the college text you seem to seek. --ski


Thanks for your comment and your tip on H. William Dettmer's "The Logical Thinking Process"

Paul Simister

If you want training on how to apply the Thinking Processes and especially in a marketing/Internet marketing context, I can recommend Rich Schefren's Guided Profit System



TOC is by far the most innovative thnnikig I have come across for not only manufacturing, but holistic systems thnnikig. I have been using Mr. Goldratt's material since 1998 in a myriad of settings. Manufacturing, a not for profit residential facility and foster care organization, as a General Manager for a metal bar grating company, and now as a functional consultant. Peace to you Mr. Goldratt and to your family, you changed my paradigm.

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