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I appreciate your information on ilg. I love their concept but simply do not see how the average person will pay and use $80 worth of personal-growth tools every single month, not for long.

I went over to simpleology. Looks interesting but I'm not certain I get the whole concept? It looks like they certainly have a detailed system with specific steps for helping you achieve stuff? Then it looks as if they will offer other "paid" products later? Is it also a "money making" opp?

James thanks for your comment about iLearning Global.

There are two ways of looking at the Ilearning Global cost.

It is a lot of money if the customer does not get into the habit of using the training 3 or more times a week. Any less than that and I would be concerned that usage will continue to reduce to nothing,

I have heard from a number of sources that the average time people subscribe on monthly membership is 3 months.

However the cost of knowledge is tiny compared to the benefits that the knowledge can bring and the annual cost of iLearning Global, delivered when you want it and where you want it is the equivalent of one day's professional training.

The Simpleology thing isn't a money making opportunity - they do have affiliate but you have to be invited and vetted so it is difficult to get in.

I just think the training is great and I like the approach of taking things down to basics and then building up.

If you are looking for income opportunities, then affiliate marketing on the internet is certainly one. I don't think iLearning Global works for traditional affiliate marketers because of the tiny commission levels and reliance on the chain.

If this is an area you want to look at then there is new service available


They have a huge directory of affiliate offers across virtually every niche you can think of and provide the training.

I have tried to make it clear that I like iLearning Global but I don't line the network marketing approach.

Bottom Line: Scam....some of the members involved offer an earnings potential of 50K per month, Come ON, where do we sign? call it what You want, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it must be a ....


Thanks for your comment and over zealous marketers may be exaggerating the earnings potential of iLearning Global.

But from what I've seen the company itself is playing down income expectations although it walks a delicate line as it wants to keep marketers motivated.

I have always seen iLearning Global as a training product which gives the chance to mitigate the costs and perhaps earn a bit.

Some will do well if they sell into chains that explode.

I get a lot of traffic for people searching for iLearning Global scam.

I have tried to make my position clear as someone who tried it and no longer has a financial interest in selling iLearning Global.

You get some excellent training sold through the dubious practice of MLM marketing.

I thought I would have a look at the other websites that come up under the iLearning Global scam search.

Most seem to be from iLearning marketers saying that it's not a scam - so please buy through them.

Others seem to be from people promoting MLM training or alternative business opportunities - again they have a financial interest.

I did find this article from the Evan Carmichael site which says that you need to be careful what you call a scam


I tend to agree with this view - if you tried and didn't make the iLearning Global MLM income opportunity work, it doesn't mean you were scammed.

Go in with your eyes open after doing your due diligence on MLMs.

One of my heroes is the legendary marketer and copywriter Gary Halbert.

The essence is (and I quote)

"Multi-Level Marketing Sucks!"

The long version is covered in one of his classic Gary Halbert Letters which used to be a premium newsletter and is now available free online.


"MLM is not inherently evil but it does (nearly always) attract inherently evil people." This is right from Gary Halbert's newsletter....pretty bogus!

Brian, thanks for the link to the Gary Halbert Letters. I am introducing those on one of my other blogs at the moment.

Thanks for your comment Fred.

I think the point that Gary Halbert was making about MLM was that the big promises go undelivered for the vast majority...and then the network marketers themselves are blamed for their failure by not doing whatever it takes.

Back to the popular claims that over 90% of network marketers lose money.

Some of course, make it big.

Four of my friends and myself were all talked into joining ILG. ILG changed all of our memberships from a basic membership (which was around $80 per month) to a more expensive membership (either $100 or $180 per month)without any of us asking them to change our membership or approving it. If we would have not caught it, they would have kept charging our memberships at the higher rate. All of us quit. Scam or not, legitimate businesses don't opperate that way.


I am shocked by your story but thanks for sharing it.

I thought iLearning Global were better than this so if anyone else has a story to tell about dubious business practices from them, then please do share it.

This post does receive a lot of traffic from people who are checking out iLearning Global and whether it is a scam built on dubious claims.

You can help protect others.

However this is not just about knocking iLearning Global. If you are an MLM marketer who has made iLG work for you, then again people deserve to know about it.

I joined ilg for one month as a paid subscriber. It was also not a good time for me to push it hard so I can hardly offer any real postive or negative opinion. I joined it with the hope of making a lot of money. I know the people at the top at least were making pretty good money, and this was in the early stages of growth. Now that Brian Tracy has throat cancer, I think the whole thing could be up, up in the air regarding what happens next.
Even though I made no money as a marketer, I don't think you need to sign up anyone to still make profound changes in your income and life. Simply APPLY the principles in your own work and life, and expect to see dividends. The knowledge is first class, and it has made many people rich over many years. There's no reason why the very same cannot be true for you. Forget building a network. Build yourself.

ilearning Global has been rebranded as Daily Success Stream.

The business has also changed its name to Savvy Business Media

|It was also announced that ilearning Global have abandoned the network marketing model.

That was the big problem I had
- very good training from a stack of big name experts

But you couldn't rely on your downstream to promote it.

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