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Paul Simister

With the FTC announcement on affiliate promotions, can I make it clear that my links are not affiliates and if you buy this I don't make any money.

I believe in Jay Abraham and this sounds a great way to learn his marketing and profit opportunity techniques.

My affiliate disclosure on Jay and his marketing programs is over in the side bar on the right and I have had a good relation with Abraham.com.


I saw the same emails. Honestly, being a big fan of Jay, I think its over stimulus for newcomers.

I'm still going through his stuff in the 90's. I wonder if he'll ever offer products or seminars that focus on application, and taking action. That's probably the average persons problem here in the US.

But intriging emails. Even if you're not interested, you still read every word of it.

Paul Simister

There is no doubt that this is an overwhelming about of Jay Abraham marketing materials in this Master Level Marketing program.

I wouldn't advise that anyone totally unexposed to Jay goes for it. There is just too much.

I always recommend that starters are best off with the Nightingale Conant audio The MasterMInd Marketing System which about 6 hours and what converted me to Jay.

http://nightingale.directtrack.com/z/3352/CD24/ (affiliate link)

Alternatively if people prefer to read, start with the Getting Everything You Can book - see my book review



Another great product of his, is Your Secret Wealth. I think people may discount it since its relatively cheap, only 6 tapes, and sort of his most basic product.

Like all of his products, you have to listen to it more than once. But alot of great info.

Red Mikhail Tolentino

Hi I'm Red, 16 yrs old from the Philippines...I think I'm crazy to ask this but I think I should cause I'm really really starting to be obsess in Jay's work...and I find every single free item from Jay in the web...here's what I'm asking for.. In all of Jay's product The Master Of Passive Income is the most interesting to me.... I know that the program is closed (maybe) ( and I don't have the money to pay for it also ).. Can you tell me anything you know or everything you learn from the program (if you take it) and I'm willing to work for you for 2 hours a day as a V.A. ... just please give me a chance to learn that thing...thank you in advance.. ( by d way I already read the MPI primer ebook)
email me foxlobo123@gmail.com
thank you, god-speed

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