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August 27, 2008


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They've also got a magazine coming out soon, called, "The Net Effect". I got an advanced copy and can honestly say it really good content. No fluff, just ways to improve your business and become better at SEO.

Vernon thanks for mentioning The Net Effect journal that Stompernet have coming out. I wrote a separate news blog posting about that.

I am really looking forward to stomping the search engines 2

Interesting how much is being written about Stomping The Search Engines at the moment so I guess it is good that stomperNet have issued these review copies to you lucky people.

Do you know how much Stomping The Search Engines is going to cost the rest of us. It does sound good.

It says the value is $497 but what I've seen hints at an extra special deal but is that just half price for the launch period of Stomping the search engines?


We are sworn to secrecy on the deal itself but Andy Jenkins is dropping some big hints on the Stompernet Blog that Stomping The Search Engines 2 will be a bargain and that it is going to be sold with The Net Effect monthly journal which is also excellent.

See http://tinyurl.com/67a4ro for my early thoughts.

I see StomperNet's actions as very positive.

While they are obviously doing it to make money, many people will benefit from having exposure to their ideas which have previously been locked away to their $800 PER MONTH clients.

There is no way that Stompernet would let their brand be tarnished with a poor product so Stomping The Search Engines and The Net Effect is an obvious purchasing decision if it comes within your budget.

Brian Tracy, the management guru says that you have to "learn to earn".

Thanks for the HUGE reveiw. I only skimmed through but i've put aside an hour to read this tonight with a bag of popcorn. All the best and looking forward to my coaching ...

Hi Chris

Whatcha got against Problogger?

I must admit Chris that I did get carried away with my review of Stomping The Search Engines 2.0 but there just seemed so much to say.

Also many different types of people will be attracted to Stomping The Search Engines, especially now we know that it is all available as a free trial for The Net Effect.

StomperNet launch has just gone back to 3:00 pm EST so that's 8:00 pm UK time.

I think the StomperNet server has crashed.

I've been trying since 8: pm UK /3:00 pm EST and I can't get on, such is the demand for Stomping The Search Engines 2.0.

The Stomping The Search Engines 2 is going to be a massive launch, hope they can cope!

Latest news of the launch is 5:30 EST/ 10:30 UK time.

Clearly there IT systems are really struggling which shows just how many people are interested, all pulled in by this magic word free.

As I like Andy and Brad and have deep respect for StomperNet, I just hope it works for them. Frank Kern limited his downside risk while StomperNet haven't set quantities for Stomping The Search Engines 2.

Unfortunately these technical delays don't look good for newcomers and if there are shipment delays as well, then it could backfire.

The thing is, it is such a no brainer. A few dollars shipping. How can anyone say no?

Latest from ClickNewz.com as Lynn is much stronger connections than me. "The offer will be live for at least a week". Best advice just sign up to the one time list. You don't get added to the general StomperNet list but they know you can't be expected to keep jumping across.

here's the link again, this time in short form as I can't add html in my comments (I think)

I am definitely buying STSE2 and the net effect once it is made available.

Latest time September 4th, 2:00 pm EST, 7:00 pm in the UK.

Yes, there are delays but don't worry. Stomping The Search Engines 2 rocks - I've seen the promo copy - go grab it guys!

StomperNet is very smart in marketing. Here are what they actually offering:-

Stomping The Search Engines 2 - shipping/handling

The Net Effect - $39.95 per month plus shipping/handling

StomperNet Insider's DVD of the Month - $19.99 per month plus shipping/handling

Total 5 video mini training courses - $97 one time payment plus shipping/handling

"Internet Business Brain Transplant" Home Study Course - $247 one time payment plus shipping/handling


Thanks for the upsell details.

Because I have my review copy I don't need to subscribe so I don't get to see them.

StomperNet are offering a flexible approach with Internet marketing ideas, techniques, tactics and strategies based on the enormous resources they've accumulated in the StomperNet membership site.

At $800 per month that is beyond all but the most serious Internet marketers. I was tempted when it opened earlier this year to me as a StomperNet SMARTS club alumni.

You know why I didn't take it?

Not the cost. I knew I could make that back and if you found this website on Google, you'll know that I have learnt a bit about SEO as I'm beating many of the serious Internet pros.

It was the sheer overwhelm of resources. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of it and more being added every week. The SMARTS course was tough just to keep up with let alone put the ideas into action.

Stomping The Search Engines is much more manageable.

This offer splits it into bite sized chunks and says "If you'd like this little extra, then here you are. It's an opportunity we've never given before."

StomperNet are taking a massive risk on this because many people will be piling in, take what they can get for free and bail out of any extra payments.

Deferring that risk by making a bit of profit on people who choose to try one or more of the upsells is sensible business. There is no compulsion and people do have the option to say no.


great review and I will definitely be going for it

Today is October 6th, but I still not yet received my copy of the "Stomping The Search Engines 2" and "The Net Effect". I ordered it on Sep. 4th. And StomperNet will bill me on Oct. 15th after trial?

It may be an excellent product, but definitely poor customer support. All my email enquiries vanished in cyberspace!

I am very sorry to hear that you haven't received your copy of Stomping the Search Engines yet.

Word from Stompernet is that all copies have been sent out that were ordered before September 16th have been despatched.

I am told that on September 24th, Stompernet emailed everyone to say when their particular orders should be delivered.

If you didn't get this email, please take it up directly with

All my dealings with Stompernet have been very professional so I have confidence that they will solve your problem.

I also believe that the billing cycle is not based on your order date but their despatch date.

Chase StomperNet up again. Stomping The Search Engines 2 is an excellent product.

Paul, thanks for such a thorough review of Stomping The search Engines.

I have sign up and I am looking forward to watching the Stomper videos.

I thought I would add my latest thoughts about Stomping The Search Engines as a comment rather than to the original blog.

I still think this is a bargain and the Net Effect journal is excellent.

I mention about that my Alexa ranking moved from 250k to 160k.

For the last six months it has hovered around the 100k mark - a best of 95k to a low of 110k.

Partly that moves around depending on how well I rank for flavour of the month stuff.

I definitely credit the success to StomperNet and Stomping The Search Engines.

I did do one silly thing - and Stomping the Search Engines warns you against this - but I got too carried away with focusing on relevance and creating no follow links.

One way or another I managed to get many of my blog pages stranded on their own without connecting links - and the number of pages in Google's index shot down.

It can be a downward spiral since if you lose some pages, you lose links to other pages...

As I say, it was me being stupid although the Matt Cutts of Google has indicated that the no follow tag doesn't work in the way it was thought.

Stomping The Search Engines and the Net Effect are both excellent but I would be very interested to hear what you think after you have taken up the offer.

I was playing around with Alexa the other day and looked at this graph which shows my traffic to my Typepad blogs with the Stomping The Search Engines effect


It shows very clearly the surge I got in the last quarter of 2008 and then how it has tracked sideways at a higher level in 2009 because I was dumb and lost a lot of pages from the Google index.

If you have found this Stomping The Search Engines review through Google, then you will have seen how highly I rank.

StomperNet have opened up their full membership training at a very special price on 09-09-09.

Great freeline content is promised so do take a look at


StomperNet are currently migrating from an old portal to a new portal for the main StomperNet product.

I hope to bring you a review of the StomperNet 09-09-09 offer at the $199 level early next week when I can get in and take a look around.

I have put together a review of my general experiences of StomperNet and the three big training programs I have used - StomperNet SMARTS, Stomping The Search Engines and Formula Five


That's the best I can do at the moment.

I started a thread in the Warrior Forum trying to collect views from existing members who have experienced the full Stompernet membership.

I have not really been very successful but there is general chatter about the StomperNet launch


StomperNet are going to far with the give-aways on the Stomper 999 launch.

On Day 3 they are giving away free copies of Stomping The Search Engines

Just go to http://www.stomper-999.com

and sign up at Day 3 and you get access to Stomping The Search Engines.

I explain more on my StomperNet blog


but you probably don't need to read that.

Talk about an irresistible offer

Just go to


and get your copy of Stomping The Search Engines.

You will see plenty of other cool stuff as well so do look around the website.

In terms of SEO, it is better to invest a lot of time practicing "White Hat SEO" techniques rather than getting penalized from doing dirty tricks that are against the TOS of Google and other major search engines.

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