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October 14, 2008


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I hope that you are enjoying the Simple Writing System launch.

I just wanted to tip you off about a couple of things

1 - John Carlton has put together a great set of fast mover bonuses for the Simple Writing System launch in September 2009.
You can find the details at


2 - I have been told that "all the primo quality, pitch-free interviews come down late Saturday or Sunday."

John really means this. The information will disappear as it has done before. Very frustrating.

There are a couple more of the interviews I want to listen to so I think you can guess what I will be doing on Saturday afternoon.

OK it is launch time and I am starting to get questions like

"How much does Simple Writing System cost?"


"How quick will the bonuses go?"

Well I expect the bonuses to be flying off the shelf and out of the door.

The Simple Writing System at-home mentoring workshop is just $1,997 or an easy pay 8 instalments of $297.

I ought to make it clear that I don't know anything like John's Simple Writing System mentoring system with his all star faculty of A list copywriters.

Last time a home study version of the Simple Writing System without all the interaction was offered at a lower price so if you can't afford the full program, you may be in luck.

However, the more interactive elements of the full program are likely to galvanise your copywriting abilities in a way that a "do it yourself at home" program can't.

Latest news from John Carlton

1 - the September 2009 launch for the Simple Writing System mentoring is selling out fast

2 - to knock people off the fence he has added in another killer bonus

There will be an exclusive live seminar (in January 2010) with 2 entire days of real-world "get hip to what's working now" advice, insight, and tools...

... personally hosted by John Carlton and his "Dream Team" staff.

If non-Simple Writing System people are invited, John says it will cost them more than it costs you to buy the Simple Writing System mentoring program for $1997.

That's the big benefit of taking action now.

Don't delay


Missed the Simple Writing System bonus of the Copywriting Sweatshop DVDs?

Unbelievably John has agreed to offer the first Copywriting Sweatshop videos as a bonus for the StomperNet membership launch.

That means that if you put aside membership benefits of the biggest and probably best Internet marketing training company you can get to see John Carlton strut his stuff tearing apart the copy of his students for the price of one months membership.

How's that for a killer offer?

See http://www.stomper-999.com

I have had another email from John Carlton about the Simple Writing System.

It seems that the mentoring program will be full before Saturday.

If you want the full Simple Writing System experience, act now


Latest news from John Carlton on the Simple Writing System mentoring program

It closes today Friday September 25th at 8 PM eastern (that's 5 PM in the west).

I think that is 1:00 am September 26th in the UK.

Do it before 8:00 pm Eastern or your chance with the Simple Writing System has gone, perhaps forever as John has cast doubts on whether he will be able to bring together his all star groups again.

Click below


The coaching element of the Simple Writing System has effectively ended although one or two spots may become availble.

John Carlton has made the Simple Writing System interviews available again for the next few days and added interviews with Mike Filsaime and Frank Kern.

Then expect to see the Simple Wring System home study unveiled for those who didn't want the coaching option.

Expected price of the Simple Writing System Home Study? Last time it was sold for around the $800 mark- a bit reduction on the $2000 coaching and it was very popular.

John carlton has now made the Simple Writing System Home Study Kit available.

Here is the email promoting it

Subject: The greatest skill on Earth?


If you want to convert more lookers into buyers, you need to check what copywriting and marketing legend John Carlton has just released:


John's Simple Writing System Home Study course went on sale today.(This is not the coaching program you may have heard about -- rather, this is an awesome breakthrough for self-starters who love a bargain.)

And he's including a bunch of special bonuses to reward fast action.

I'm still stunned by all the case studies and testimonials running down both sides of this page. This is something that truly can transform your business and your dreams quickly... no matter what your current situation is. (You'll see how both rookies and veteran marketers use this stuff to demolish the competition and dominate niches.)

I recommend you get all of the details on this killer offer. And do it now, while you're thinking about it.


A swarm of smart entrepreneurs and business owners have already grabbed their package here.

If you really want to taste the highest level of success in this business -- then go get yours, too. There's a package with your name on it, waiting...


Hurry - the email from John Carlton makes it clear that the offer for the Simple Writing System Home Study will run from October 1 to October 7th.

Hopefully this will be the bonuses etc as in the previous launch the Simple Writing System itself could be bought for several months afterwards.

Simple Writing System Reviews

AS I have tried to make clear above, I have not had a chance to review John Carlton's Simple Writing System although

1 - I am familiar with other John Carlton products and especially the Copywriting Sweatshop DVDs

2 - I have the original 17 point presentation of the Simple Writing System that John gave at a Rich Schefren event.

I would therefore appreciate any feedback and review comments from anyone who has bought the Simple Writing System.

While I would like you to buy through my affiliate link because John pays me some money - which is always nice - I think that you will find this link on the Warrior Forum helpful


You will also find this helpful


Simple Writing System is back in March 2010

For the latest launch details please see


I was one of the lucky people who joined the Simple Writing System in March 2010 and I've never known an experience like it.

The DVDs of the John Carlton workshop explaining the Simple Writing System are as good as you'd expect as it opens your eyes to the techniques to write to sell.

But working with your copywriting mentor and seeing others work with their mentors through the exercises is where the big gains are made.

Let's be honest, it's easy to duck out of doing the exercises if no one is giving you feedback or just paying lip service to them. Little effort gives little improvement in writing.

But actively working with your mentor - and it is a demanding schedule, even if John Carlton emphasises there is plenty of time when selling the Simple Writing System - is such a revelation.

You have a go, write something and normally within 24 hours you get feedback, usually pushing you to go that bit further... sometimes a lot further if you've held back, been bland, general and worst of all... boring.

Yes initial reactions can be a bit upsetting - you need to ditch your ego - but you can see how it makes sense and how you need to be pushed.

And you'll see others going through exactly the same treatment. Because it's not your business, then often you can read their exercises and see exactly what the Simple Writing System mentors mean with their pushing.

The Simple Writing System isn't for the faint-hearted. It's not cheap and it does require considerable effort.

However if you want an education in copywriting and marketing, then I don't know of anything else that remotely compares.

The Simple Writing System really is that good.

With the Simple Writing System Express which was pioneered with the launch that I bought into, you get a chance to see for yourself the type of exercises you'll be asked to do and the feedback you can get.

Give this free taster a try for yourself and see how your writing is lifted by caring, critical reviews.

https://m190.infusionsoft.com/go/swsblog/spinone/ (affiliate link)

I've never seen a group of students so actively engaged in a course and make such progress.

You could be one of them next time, if you try the Simple Writing System.

I've done it - I've written my Simple Writing System review.


I'm delighted to say that I won one of the affiliate prizes for the last launch and I was given a choice:

A free pass into Simple Writing System for me or one of my staff in the December 2010 class.

Or quite a lot of money.

A few hours later, I was writing back saying "I'm an eager copywriter, let me get in there" (sorry but I'm a celebrity is dominating our TV at the moment.)

I don't know of any training like the Simple Writing System and my advice is to do what I did twice - say YES when you get the opportunity.

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