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December 04, 2009


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It is has taken some time but the DVDs of the Action Seminar are now out and can be bought from John Carlton.


This is the email John Carlton has sent out promoting the Action Seminar.

As always, it is interesting to study his copy. (I've inserted my affiliate links - I'd like more money from John). And why do I keep reading stuff and thinking "I could swipe that to promote my mastermind groups?" - www.smemastermind.com

Subject line - Simple steps to goose your bottom line (starting now)...

How would you like next year to be your most productive...

...most profitable...

...and most fun since you got into the biz world?

You really can do it. Even if so far you've been frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck and essentially clueless about how to maximize your potential. Or even if you're just getting started.

But you need a plan.

A simple, step-by-step plan that is brain-dead easy to implement...and which doesn't require you to drastically change your biz model.

No new staff (even if you're solo right now), no new investment capital, no gimmicks or wild bets on untested crap you don't understand.

This is the best kind of plan - and I want to show you exactly how many of the most consistently -successful entrepreneurs and biz owners use it...

...to blow by vicious competition, laugh at rotten economies, and just grow and prosper like crazy. Year after freakin' year.

Start here:


Now, I'm not asking you to blindly take my word on this.

This is very, VERY good...

...but why don't you check out a couple of short videos before you dive in...to get a taste of what's in store for you.

These are freebie samples of the advice, insight and specific help available for you on something I'm recommending you check out:


You're gonna learn a few essentials here, gratis.

And, you're gonna clearly see that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I can honestly say we crammed everything we know about planning (simply) for success...and putting that plan into ACTION...into a single resource here.

Which can now be yours to experience.

To get the story, click on this link, and indulge:


Seriously...if you're not all planned-up for the coming year - so that what needs doing gets done - you're crippling all dreams and hopes for your biz.

And yet, with this kind of simple plan taken care of...the next year really can be your best one ever, in every category. Big bucks, adventure, fame and satisfaction.

Just see what's up. At the very least, you're going to snag some useable, super-valuable tips in the free videos.

Stay frosty,


Do take a look at the Action Seminar video clips John has on the sales page. They are well worth watching.

The 2010 Action Seminar DVDs are available for you to buy.


That's been and gone but it was such a successful event that there is a 2011 Action Seminar on February 25th and 26th.

If you want to go, then you should check out this link.


If you'd love to go but can't make it - I'm in that category because of my recent health problems - then John and his partner Stan Dahl have investigated a way to bring the Action Seminar to you.

That's right. There is now a streaming video option for the 2011 John Carlton Action Seminar.


This gives you the chance to watch the sessions within a few hours of them being recorded (or watch some and ignore others depending on your mood).

OK you don't get the great networking or the chance to ask questions so it's not as good as being there.

But you don't have to travel long distance and suffer everything that brings with it. There's the time it takes, the money it costs and the jet lag as it messes up your body clock.

Here is John's email copy for the 2011 Action Seminar event with the Direct View option.

The link takes you to a video of John's partner Stan Dahl explaining how it will all work.

Either John has written the copy or Stan is so indoctrinated that he uses the same phrases that John uses when he writes.

Regardless, I think this is a great idea.

Subject: Awesome way to see what all the fuss is about...

Next weekend, marketing wizard and copywriting legend John Carlton is hosting his last Action Seminar...

... which has generated shocking buzz in the entrepreneurial world because he and his crew of experts (including major movers-and-shakers, as well as the insiders who do all the hard work of making the Big Dogs in the online world rich and famous)...

... are working interactively with attendees. Actually diving into every question holding them up, fixing their websites and ads, and offering specific (yet simple) "action steps" to make 2011 their best year ever.

Click here to see how you can view this event - the same weekend it's happening - from the comfort of your home or office.


This isn't just a show where experts waltz in and lecture (and then pitch like crazy).

No way. This event is totally unique... because it's all about helping biz owners (from beginner to almost-a-rockstar) solve the problems, sticking points and planning hold-ups keeping you from moving QUICKLY to the next level.

From basic planning, to advanced online lead-generation, to the details of converting prospects into cash-in-hand customers...

... this is the ONE notorious event out there that is completely focused on helping folks actually get your act together.

So you can start (the very next day) implementing the best strategies, ads, traffic generation and wealth-expansion plans possible. (And do it without having to radically change your current situation. These experts know how to turn your current situation into a winning plan - with the resources, staff, and finances you have now.)

And - in a totally cutting-edge move - you can have the seminar brought to you...

... on your computer. During the same weekend it's happening. Here's how to get in on it:


This is huge. You can see everything, on your own time (with full normal video controls)...

... and enjoy an interactive forum to post your own questions, network with other home-viewers, and get personal feedback from John himself (plus other experts involved in the event).

This is something awesome for anyone who realizes how important it is to get expert advice and answers on the stuff holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

This is the ONLY way to access the Action Seminar, other than being there this coming weekend.

So check it out, now.

This is the real deal. Don't miss out.


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