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March 19, 2010


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If the Simple Writing System has ignited your passion in copywriting and direct response marketing, take a look at Rich Schefren's Lessons from the Marketing Legends.


My copy of the Simple Writing System DVDs came a few days ago.

So far I have seen 6 of the 9 DVDs from John Carlton's event to present the Simple Writing System to a small group in the summer of 2008.

I have just finished step 10 of the 17 steps in the Simple Writing System and viewers are asked to complete exercises after all but one of them so far.

Then you get taken back into the SWS seminar room and hear what the participants have to say and the feedback given by John Carlton, David Deutsch and David Garfinkel.

This is working well and it will get better when the Simple Writing System membership site opens up again and I can start getting feedback from my copywriting mentor Kevin Rogers.

One niggle I have so far is that the Simple Writing System starts with step 1 then step 2 etc.

My preferred learning style is to see the big picture first which would include a presentation of all seventeen steps in the Simple Writing System so I can see how they fit together.

Fortunately I have that in a two hour presentation from John Carlton at the Rich Schefren new beginnings conference earlier in 2008.

One plus point is that the Simple Writing System file has plenty of John Carlton's proven successful sales letters as examples of the techniques - and especially hooks - he uses. It's nice to have this as a swipe file and to start carving out "fill in the blanks" bullets.

I am very impressed with my experience in the first three days and I know it will get much better when I get into the feedback section.

John Carlton has sold out in the Simple Writing System coach and mentoring program in April 2010.

In fact I will be signing into my first class later today.

John has opened up the home study version of the Simple Writing System which has the advantage that it is much less expensive.

Here is the email affiliates have been asked to send out.

Subject: If you missed out on Simple Writing System...

If you missed out on John Carlton's one-of-a-kind Simple Writing System coaching program, you aren't alone. There were only a couple hundred seats to go around, and they were snapped up almost instantly.

Or maybe you passed on the opportunity because you aren't into personal coaching. (Hey, it happens. Some of us prefer the "lone wolf" approach of digging in on our own.)

Or maybe the $2,000 price tag was a bit too steep for you.

In any case, you still have a chance to acquire the proven copywriting and salesmanship skills that the Simple Writing System teaches.

For a limited time only, Carlton has unveiled the Simple Writing System Home Study course.

It's a hefty package of DVDs and workbooks that helps you master the same proven, step-by-step sales writing skills students learn in Carlton's full-blown Simple writing System Coaching Program.

And it's a bit easier on the wallet, too.

But I can't promise they'll be offering this for very long. So click the link below and check it out while there's still time:




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