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June 14, 2010


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If you do buy let's Get Social from Ryan Deiss and Kate Buck, it would be great if you could come back and let me know what you think.


No surprise given the bargain price it has been launched at, Let's Get Social is proving to be another very popular program from Ryan Deiss.

I had an email from Ryan Deiss today saying that the Let's get Social offer could be taken off the market, today Saturday June 19th.

Three reasons this may happen:

1 - they've decided that they've got enough people for the time being - certainly Ryan has a history of taking products off the market while they are still selling and then bringing them back months later. That could be happening with Let's Get Social.

2 - The video reveals the very low price of Let's Get Social. Ryan may be looking at the number he's selling and decide that he's leaving too much money on the table. If conversions are very high, then the price could be going up to $197, the price Ryan normally charges for his mini courses.

3 - Because Let's Get Social includes some coaching sessions with Kate, then it may be that "term time" is due to start and they don't want new people coming in part way through.

Whatever the reason, it looks like decision time if you want to be a Social Media Manager.

If the course does go away and come back later, I'm sure it will cost more than it does today.

I have purchased the Lets Get Social course and have gone through the video training. I was like you at first, skeptical about the positive effects that social media would have on the bottom line...but in the past 6 months or so I have done a 360.

Kate offers some great info and insights on becoming a social media manager. She also includes the client forms that she uses herself.

So far I would say this is definitely worth the 97 bucks they're charging.

Ron, thanks for your comment and recommendation on Let's Get Social as a great guide to becoming a social media manager.

My experience of Ryan Deiss is that he does put together some great trainings.

I purchased the product "Let's Get Social" and after receiving some very general information - nothing of any value - tried to cancel it. Their phone number is disconnected and the page to submit a ticket brings up an error page. With no way to contact them, I'd say it was a waste of $97.

Kathy, thanks for your comment on Let's Get Social.

Sorry you didn't like it but isn't there four weeks of teleseminars to come?

Anyway the thing I am most concerned about is the trouble you are having with getting your money back.

I believe Ryan is one of the good guys of Internet marketing.

I didn't complete submitting a ticket but the support requests seem to be working


This is what Ryan Deiss wrote on the Warrior Forum after someone posted about having problems cancelling the Total Access Club.

"Cancellation requests and refund requests are taken VERY seriously, and the last thing I want is for someone to feel like I've taken their money and not delivered value.

So, if you haven't received that refund, feel free to contact my office DIRECTLY at: 512 892-3022

...and ask for Patti.

Patti is my top-level member support person, and if you tell her I told you to call, she'll make sure you get taken care of."

Sometimes funny stuff does happen.

If the support site was having problems for some reason, please do try again.

Ryan Deiss is not the kind of marketer who wants your money if you don't value his training.

I think you'll see a big push on let's get Social from now until the weekend.

Ryan has warmed up his affiliates to help get the word out.

Something has certainly stirred up the market because I'm seeing hits on this page at the rate of one every two or three minutes at the moment.

If you've bought this program, I'd appreciate hearing your views.

|So far we've got one big recommendation for it and another person wants their money back.

From my affiliate sales of Let's Get Social refund rates are very low.

I have just picked up another bad comment about failing to get a refund on Let's Get Social.

One comment is unfortunate, two is very concerning.

I leapt into action with a concerned email to my contact in the Ryan Deiss organisation.

I then sent an email to the person making the complaint only to have it returned by yahoo.com as no such account.

Since it looked a normal name, it didn't look like a typo so at the moment I am not publishing.

Unfortunately there are some very negative people out there - you just have to see the bile in the Salty Droid blog.

I will be interested to see what response I get from the Ryan Deiss organisation since I consider any failure to refund under the guarantee as a very black mark.

|I will keep you informed.

I'm interested but hesitant to buy. Read information about Ryan which is very negative. Also I'd like to find and talk to Kate personally.

Alex, I can think of one blog who has it in for Ryan Deiss but then they seem to be critical of anyone who is successful.

It's inevitable that some people will like you and some people won't. It's called polarisation and you want it precisely because no one buys OK.

Let's Get Social is only $97 to try at the moment and covered by a money back guarantee. I've had the number checked by the organisation and they say it is fine - sometimes you can get typos which are missed in proof reading.

If it's that big a decision and you feel conflicted, my advice is to keep your money in your pocket. Your doubts may be coming from somewhere else, like you don't want to be a social media manager.

I'm from Australia, Queensland. I'm hesitant and I don't wish to be another statistic. I'm cautious and I would like to be assured it is legidimate and it works. The cost is not a worry but there are too many scams and crap on the net that does not work.

If you have doubts then I'd see that as a signal - there will always be another time, another product, another guru.

You'll see on my blog on guru greed


that I worry about people buying stuff and not getting value.

Doubts stop you acting - and no action, no results.

Just had this email from Ryan Deiss on let;s get Social
My promo of Let's Get Social will be over in less than 24 hours.

You still have time to check it out here:


If you haven't seen this video, you need to.

This young lady is taking in $300-$500 a day in legit income from Twitter & Facebook.

The video explains exactly how she does it:


Watch it now. This may be your last chance.


Ryan Deiss

P.S. All the bonuses, free stuff and discounts go away tomorrow, I can tell you that for sure.

Don't wait. Go watch the video now:


Hmmm, you say in the last post "P.S. All the bonuses, free stuff and discounts go away tomorrow, I can tell you that for sure." I am here to say it isn't true as I just watched the video and I had all the same offers. Its July 8, 2010. I can't help but suspect these offers will be around a long time. I'm interested but skeptisism is something we all have to deal with.
Rick Engel

Rick I just reported an email Ryan Deiss sent out for Let's get Social in good faith.

I am surprised since Ryan has a history of launching training programs and then taking them away for a few months before bringing them back.

Interest levels in Lets get Social remains high as I am still seeing high levels of traffic although not the 300 a day when the affiliates were mailing.

You can see this as a false scarcity play or you can see it as Ryan being generous and extending things for a bit longer.

Either way, if you still have a chance to get everything, it remains a good deal.

I purchased Let's get Social with a guarantee of money back if I canceled within a month which I did. I was not given my money back. I called customer service and was told that I did cancel but did not ask for my money back so I cannot get it back now. That to me is false advertising and I think it is a scam - I have been cheated.

Sorry for the delay in publishing as I was in hospital.

Joan I am shocked by your comments as this is the first time I've heard about Ryan Deiss and his organisation not honouring the guarantee. There isn't usually any problems and it's one of the reasons why I promote for him.

This isn't good enough but I suspect that it's a staff member trying to be clever rather than official policy.

I recommend you go back to them and insist on getting a refund and if unsucessful raising a dispute with your credit card company.

In December 2010, Ryan Deiss has partnered with Laura Betterly on Mobile Local Fusion.

This is another program aimed at the local Internet marketing expert and makes a great supplement to the social media training in Let's Get Social.

More details at

Is this programm also suitable for people from other countries. Because im from The Netherlands and i would like to know i could follow the course as well and will the training apply in my country too?

Kind regards,


It's now March 2011 and Ryan Deiss is hitting Let's Get Social hard.

I've had a series of emails and it has created a lot of traffic to the blog.

The feedback I've been hearing and reading is strongly positive.

Yes there have been some people who don't like it and there have been a few claims under the guarantee but the majority of people seem to be pleased with what they get.

If you want to set yourself up as a local internet marketer, you may also be interested in

The SEO guide - Rank Mogul


Google Place - Mobile Local Fusion



I can't see why Let's Get Social shouldn't work in the Netherlands if social media is popular there.

That's the key - for social media to be effective, it has to have plenty of subscribers.

It's a bit like the first telephone - if you're the only one with one, who are you going to call?

But as more get involved, the value goes up until you can reach out to everyone.

What I hadn't realised was that Ryan Deiss was releasing Let's Get Social 2.0 or Let's Get Social 2011 as it is also known.

It's gone out to affiliates to promote with this email.


I just finished a new video called..."The Most IN-DEMAND Job on Earth"

Go watch it here:

This "Odd-Ball" job didn't exist 18 months ago but demand is SO high right now a total jug-head can demand $5K-$10K a month part-time or full time.

A close friend of mine that was recently unemployed is doing this now and she is rakin-it in.

I'll spill the beans in this video.

Go watch this video now:

See ya soon,

- Ryan Deiss

P.S. If your not making $10K a month right now I strongly suggest you watch this video.

This could be your golden ticket!

Go watch the video now:


Personally I'm still a little sceptical at the income claims for Let's Get Social.

I think there is demand there from business owners who have heard of social media but either don't want to get involved or don't have the time to get involved.

How much are they willing to pay?

That's the big question and I don't believe that there are hard and fast rules.

Logically it has to depend on the value they can get back from social media and the alternatives they have for outsourcing or delegating their social media activities.

There will be cheaper alternatives to you if you start a social media consultancy business so you have to be able to demonstrate that you will be better.

That you understand their brand positioning and you can create social media activities which strengthen it.

Do I think Let's Get Social is worth trying?


The price is still low and with Ryan's guarantee, it carries no risk provided you go through the training.

This gives you the chance to be the judge without relying on third party reviews.

Only you can decide if social media is a career you want to follow.

I've written a new blog to promote Let's Get Social 2.0.

In it I share my affiliate statistics for the first launch which show how popular the program has been although it doesn't suit everyone.


If you are not ready to buy Let's get Social yet, Ryan Deiss put details of an interview with Kate Buck on his blog with downloads for an mp3 and pdf transcript.



It will give you a bit more background but I recommend you watch the video sales letter anyway to understand more about what's on offer


It's not $97. It's two payments of $97.

What concerns me is that Deiss promotes this as the latest greatest thing as though he just created it, but now I find out it's been around for more than a year. Since he even states in his own promo that this could be a narrow window of opportunity, I'm even more skeptical about arriving "late to the party".

You are right. The 2011 version of Let's Get Social is two payments of $97. Last year it was one payment.

Make no mistake, a lot of people have bought the product in 2010 and in 2011 but that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities.

It depends on how you use it, who you target and where.

I suspect that a lot of people are buying it to use in their own businesses rather than to start up as a social media manager or see it as a potential opportunity to follow up some time in the future. Alternatively they may already be doing some social media work and want to compare best practices.

If you have doubts on whether Let's Get Social is right for you, then you have two options

1 - to turn away from it. There will always be plenty more opportunities to make money on the Internet. Some will suit you better than others.

2 - to take a chance on it, put the money back guarantee date in your diary with a 7 day warning and then to go through the training and try it out for yourself.

Sometimes it is better to say No but other times it pays to get in the game and see for yourself if you can make money from the training.

Suppose Let's Get Social gives you the confidence to approach some local businesses and you get $500 per month from a few hours work.

It's nothing like the big bucks that Ryan says is possible to earn from being a social media manager but it's still a great return on investment.

I used to work for a group of companies that wouldn't let you invest if you couldn't promise a payback within 36 months - Let's Get Social could get your money back in weeks, even on this much lower estimate.


I am considering the LetsGetSocial training but all I seem to read is negative comments on here. The money back guarantee was what gave me confidence but all these people seem to have had issues with it. All the user comments do not give me confidence. Can you give me anything to gain my confidence back?


Unlike some affiliates I don't censor the comments on my blog unless they are offensive, irrelevant or spam.

Inevitably with such a popular product as Let's Get Social, some people don't like it or think that it isn't for them.

Others like it and think it is great value.

The first time it opened in 2010, I sold 60 copies and had 10 refunds.

That's much better than some Internet marketing products I personally rate very highly.

The product launch process and the pitch often create a short term high which can be satisfied by buying but things look different in the cold light of day.

Only you can decide if Let's Get Social is right for you. It doesn't matter if others have great success with the ideas if something in there doesn't appeal to you and stops you taking action.

On June 23 2010 above I quoted Ryan Deiss on his views on refunds. The bigger the name, the more they must keep their noses clean but communication problems can arise with any interaction between two people.

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