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June 11, 2011


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Here's another interesting email from Ryan Deiss about Digital marketer and responses to his "Death of the Web" video.

Subj: Is Now A Really Good Time To Start Your Online Business

Real quick today - I want to answer a question from a new reader:

"Ryan, if the web is dying, is now really a good time to start my online business?"

Yes! But only IF you start off in the right direction.

Let me explain...

The opportunity now is actually BIGGER today which I explain in detail HERE:

My Digital Marketer lab test results from multiple niche markets PROVE that you can make MORE money now - even in a 'bad economy'.

But you have to be going WITH the changes that are happening. This can be your own personal 'golden age'.


Info marketers actually make MORE money in a down economy because MORE people are looking for ANSWERS to their problems.

But, make SURE you aren't still using 'old' strategies, or you are doomed. My video explains why...


Old advice from just 12 to 24 months ago is truly dangerous.

Listen, I know things change so quickly now that you must be wondering HOW you could possibly keep up.

Well, I invest $200,000 a MONTH to run my Digital Marketing lab and our cutting edge test results allow me to ALWAYS be the first to know what's working.

Marketers who don't have access to this cutting edge info are literally flying blind.

Don't do anything until you see what I've just done for you.

I want to 'take you under my wing' and give you the same advantage if you are serious about your business.

Watch this video and you'll understand why...


Talk soon,

Ryan Deiss

here's another email from Ryan Deiss talking about his end of the web video.

What do you think?

Subj: Are you a DODO?

Well it appears my little video has caused quite a stir...


Some people have called it "GENIUS"...some have called it "B.S." and others have dismissed it as mere "sensationalism"...

I don't know where you fall in the mix, but here are the facts:

1) Facebook is replacing Google...
2) Apps are replacing traditional web browsers...
3) Mobile is making up 10%+ of all traffic (and rising steadily), and...
4) "King-Kongs" like Amazon are putting "mom and pop" websites
(LIKE YOURS!!!) out of business.

Are you a DODO?

If you think this business hasn't changed, I'm sorry but you're a "DODO". And if you continue building and growing your business using the same old methods (even ones that worked as early as 2009), I'm sorry but you'll soon be as extinct as the bird that bears the same name.

The web isn't changing...IT HAS CHANGED!

We've been living on an island for the last few years, but now the waters are rising.

Watch this presentation and see how you can survive "The Death of the Web":


To learning to swim,
Ryan Deiss

P.S. I don't care if you already have a business or if you're planning to start one soon... you need this information!

The only thing sadder than not getting started, is getting started with the wrong model.

So, if you're planning to start a business in the next 12 months, watch this presentation before you make any major decisions:


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