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March 14, 2012


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This is the first time that I've seen your blog but I have to say that this was the best review that I have ever seen online.

I did one that had a similar style but this blew me away. Thank you for being open about your affiliate relationship, for making a proper review with pro's and con' s not just a copy of the sales letter.

As to the product it self I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days. I'm just afraid that the thing that made me wonder if it could work for me ( the Cheese and Whiskers approach) was like one of those strategies that a few known Gurus have told us to do: send an email saying that I will be only working with one company of that market on that city".

Anyone that knows real offline business knows that:

1- Most business owners get pitched all of the time so when you contact them you have already lost the game;

2- Big businesses have their own marketing team, when you send an email to them pitching that hard they will say "another idiot".

So I am going to keep thinking about it, the course is a match for me but I'm just afraid to scam business owners, I don't want to do that I want to provide a legitimate offer to them and no cold calling please, I want them to find me and call me, not the other way around.

Thank you for the review. If I buy the course I'll buy it through your affiliate link I promise.

Thanks Mario for your kind comments about the quality of my review for Instant Local Traffic.

You'll have gathered that the cats and whiskers approach starts with an email from you, then several exchanges of email as you reveal more and then a phone call from the business owner.

Will it work for everyone? No

Some will see that it's not a real approach from a customer. Others will think it is a customer and then get angry.

But some will be intrigued enough to listen and the 16 second elevator pitch is compelling.

What's surprised me about the local Internet marketing products about getting more clients is that there is so little mention of using the Internet.

I've written about it recently at

This seems strange to me.

I've gone back to the Ryan Deiss organisation and said that I'd like to see a module in the training about how to use PPC advertising to attract local clients who want more customers and sales.

I'm waiting to see if they take up my suggestion.

As a coach I've long taught that there are two types of marketing

outreach - direct mail, telemarketing etc based on interruption

search - when the prospective customer is looking for a solution.

Both have there place but your positioning as a selling is much better when customers find and approach you. And that's a big selling point for why businesses should have a good Internet presence.

I second the first commenter, this is the first affiliate-related review I've ever seen that does a *real* review of the product, without trying to fool people into thinking it is independent and not from an affiliate. How refreshing to see an affiliate give an honest review of a product with both the pros and cons!

I was disappointed, however, not to see a bit of overview on the outsourcing section of this program, because it seems to me that success or failure in this would stem largely from your outsourcing and the quality of work delivered.

Would you be willing to expand on that section a bit, and give us an idea of how the outsourcing is achieved? My first question after watching the sales video was 'who does the outsourcing', as the rest seemed like it was broken out pretty well.

Thanks again for a thoughtful and thorough review.

Thanks Vicky for your comment. It's always nice to know that what I do is appreciated.

I have a bit of a mental block when it comes to outsourcing. I think I'm too much of a control freak and feel the need to do things myself.

I will update the review but my thoughts are that it's pretty standard stuff that's really an introduction to outsourcing work.

The module in Instant Local Traffic tells you where to look for outsourcing assistance.

It doesn't give specific guidance on how to either outsource the front end client getting with the cheese and whiskers emails or the PPC promotions.

If you wanted more details of how to do it, I recommend that you have questions prepared for Laura's Q&A coaching calls. These are a great opportunity to expand the course in ways that make it even more practical use.

I'm like you on the outsourcing, and what I've seen in other programs is that most of them really don't flesh it out much, they just say 'outsource it' without really going into how to do this reliably, when the entire structure of the system is supported by the concept. Sad, really. I have been on the lookout for a reliable outsourcing resource for some time, and to date haven't found anything that isn't either a)too expensive or b) not reliable. So I tend to steer away from the 'you don't have to do the work' products because of this, unless they've a sure-fire avenue for this.

I appreciate the quick response, and again, your very in-depth review. It was very nice to read, and let me make a much more informed decision than I would have been able to do otherwise.

Wow you really got everything about the product here. Instant Local Traffic sounds like something I want to get, but it seems a little out of my range right now,... we'll see :)

Thanks for your comment Doug.

Instant Local Traffic has been closed so that the Q&A coaching can start.

You may have missed it now but I'm confident that it will be back soon. That's the way the other programs have worked.

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