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15 September 2007


Jay Abraham has done some remarkable things and is a big believer in barter. As the publisher of BarterNews since 1980 I am well aware of his many accomplishments.

I'm a major fan of Jay. It's a good summary of his book. I would also add...

-Anyone can search around the internet for his papers, pdfs, interviews. I just type different terms into different search engines every few weeks. Definitely study all his letters.

-As powerful as his concepts are, hearing him via audio is 100x better than print. His Tony Robbins interview is great, I've probably listened to it 10-15 times.

Hi JohnB
Thanks for the comment. keep coming back to the site because it will feature lots of Jay Abraham inspired blogs.

I certainly agree with you about reading the Jay Abraham sales letters to learn how to move people to action.

I also agree that Jay is interesting to hear on audio although the sheer pace and variety of thoughts can become overwhelming. Again I will be reviewing the Nightingale Conant audios bu Jay Abraham that are easily available and a few others that will be more challenging.

On audio, he can be overwhelming. He doesn't waste any time or space sharing information, so there's alot to digest.

His mindset is amazing. He reduces everything down to a core simplicity and you can see how powerful small changes are..i.e..his headline example.."gold is selling for $300 an ounce".

Or the 3 ways to grow a business model. Such a slight shift from..always focusing on only growing more customers.

I'll check out your future posts.

I'm currently reading this book from Jay, sometimes he seems to be too confidence with his approach, but you just can't deny that it works.

It works as it was spelled, Jay Abraham has always emphasize on mindset, the winning "opportunity" mindset which always seeks for a better approach to create breakthrough.

My reading goes very slow as every story in this book will make you think and think... until you see some light out of it.

I'm going to share more about my reading in my blog, feel free to drop me some message.

I'm a marketing new comer.

Here's how I think abraham is a marketing genius. He wrote a book that you can buy at Amazon for almost nothing.

He takes the same material recycles it puts a new name on it turns it into seminars that he charges $25,000 for and tapes and works books ($5000) with no more information that is in the book.

Then he takes each of those courses and seminars and recycles the material over and over changing the name of each course charging his raving fans thousands of dollars over and over again. Man I can’t wait to give him more money! What an honor.

Now that my friend is true genius!

But here’s the best part, most of the high priced guru’s material can be purchased on ebay for pennies on the dollar, but not abraham. He licenses his material and prohibits the resale of it.

They need to make a bud light commercial about him in their “True man of Genius” series!

I often quote the Amazon.com review statistics but I missed it for "Getting Everything You Can From Everything You've Got"

143 reviews

117 at 5 stars
15 at 4 stars
4 at 3 stars
4 at 2 stars
3 at 1 star

These should give you an indication of how indispensable this book by Jay Abraham really is.

It's no surprise that it made my list of Best Marketing Books


and my list of Best Small Business Books


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