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22 September 2007


Have you found this blog helpful?

It has been linked to and recommended but nobody seems to be leaving a comment.

What do you think of SPIN Selling?

Have you used SPIN or some variation?

Do you think that the set of SPIN questions are effective sales questions?

I have tried to give you a comprehensive short summary of SPIN but I would appreciate your feedback.

I see SPIN Selling as a form of relationship sales training.

It is very much about trying to diagnose the problem and then prescribing the right solution.

That leads to better sales and happier customers which creates repeat purchases and more profit.

If you are looking for a relationship selling approach as a standalone program I was amazed how good Mitch Axelrod's New Game of Selling was when I reviewed it.


and here is my extensive review


You can find out more about the SPIN Selling questions by buying the SPIN Selling books from Amazon


SPIN Selling


SPIN Selling Fieldbook


Amazon UK

SPIN Selling


SPIN Selling Fieldbook


For examples of SPIN sales questions take a look at these two posts from Eric Wolfram

Spin Selling Questions


More examples of implication questions


Implications Questions in SPIN Selling are designed to find the pain of the prospect and help him or her convince themselves that they must take action.

I have written another blog that looks at the role of pain in selling which references back to SPIN Selling as well as other sales methodologies.


One point I probably should have made about SPIN Selling and the move from situational/rapport building questions to getting down to business problem, implication and needs-payoff questions is that it is culture specific.

SPIN Selling was developed in the USA and I think it adapts well to the UK who have more of a dislike to the "pitch" and hard sell.

But for some cultures, the personal bonding is immensely important and getting down to business too early can be seen as a huge insult.

For more information on the the different cultures, see Alexa Ronngren's articles on Cultural Dimensions


and understanding cultures and traditions


This doesn't devalue the ideas behind SPIN selling but if you are involved in international sales, you do need to modify your approach to the customer but then you'd do that with personality types anyway.

Looking down these comments on SPIN Selling as a basis for asking the right kinds of sales questions, it seems they are all from me.

I'd like to know your opinion.

What do you think of SPIN Selling?

Do you have any favourite sales questions you make it a habit to ask?

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