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17 October 2007


It sure was worth it! I listened in twice, once on my scheduled time earlier today (29th in USA) and I snuck in for 3/4 of it on Saturday (27th)--I'm assuming some sod didn't show up and is not congruent with wanting to make a passive income.

I can tell you this, the stuff is easy as Jay himself says, or at least he makes it so easy...a lot of this stuff is re-purposed from his other offerings though and I'm not sure how much detail he'll go into over the 13 months, but it's CEO training at an average Joe's price. The best benefit I think is to get direct access with Jay for some potential JV deals where he'll kick down a finder's fee on big deals you find and flip to him..a great way to get your feet wet until you have confidence to make a go of it on your own.

Jay is really a treasure!

I was on the webinar today, well worth your hour. Maybe 3/4 of it I had heard before, but you always learn something new, even if you've heard the same speech 100 times.

He did share some new stories though that were interesting.

-The Tom Sawyer School of Business

-The Amusement park example was great. The Liquidation Broker story...wow. Brilliant.

I wish he would spend more time going through stories like that. If you're new to marketing or business, alot of what he says can go over your head. But if you get it...anything he shares is very, very exciting.

It does take confidence and experience, but his techniques do work. I've applied them to ebay, they work tremendously. Kudos to Jay.

Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately due to a holiday I wasn't able to attend the call myself so if anyone would like to add a summary I'd appreciate it.

Passive income (or doing the work once and getting paid many times over) is an area that I believe will become increasingly important. This is the source of true wealth.

Jay is doing these broadcasts to promote a passive income coaching course and extra dates have been added.

I am very tempted by the programme but already involved in the Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification course, Rich Schefren's Business Growth Programme.

I also have a stack of other Jay Abraham material that I haven't worked my way through yet. I went crazy earlier this year and bought everything I could find by the great man.

As it's Jay, the buy-in price for the Passive Income course isn't cheap but I am sure that the quality of the content will be astonishing.

Remember if you look at it, the money you could make far exceeds the cost of the course so hopefully I'll see you there on the forum.

I am surprised that the Master Of Passive Income program hasn't come back.

However I have been given free access to the program because of favours I did for the Abraham group.

While I have downloaded the sessions, I haven't yet listened to Masters Of Passive Income.

December 2009 Update

Jay Abraham has revealed that the Master of Passive Income program with free teleseminar broadcasts.

You can sign up at


This is a compensated affiliate link if you click through, listen to the teleseminar and then decide to enrol.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the Master of Passive Income program.

I was expecting a full blown launch and emails flying here, there and everywhere to promote it.

But the Master of Passive Income program seems to be collecting clients in the background from what I see in my affiliate statistics.

personally I prefer that as it means you can come to the program when you're ready rather than try to force your time-scales around a launch.

Here's a bit more background on the Masters of passive Income webinar when I recommended it to members of http://www.yourprofitclub.co.uk, my small business membership site which is free to join as a bronze member.

Most business owners are so caught up in the day to day demands to even think about about who could be their best joint venture partners or what other products and services could be sold to their customers and clients.

This masters of passive income webinar shares with you ideas on how you can find the toll booth with you in the middle of two other businesses, each of whom have a lot to gain from working together… but their owners don't have the idea of time to put deals like this together.

The origins of the Masters of Passive Income course lie in a conversation Jay Abraham had with T Harv Eker who wanted Jay to teach these income strategies to his "Never Work Again" seminar attendees.

Jay got so excited about the idea that he created the hugely successful Masters of passive Income coaching and mentoring program.

If you are not familiar with Jay Abraham, then in my view, his biggest strength is an incredible ability to find and exploit profitable opportunities which others miss.

The toll booth positions taught in the Master of Passive Income are based on the "Tom Sawyer School of Business". (Instead of painting a fence himself, Tom Sawyer got the neighbourhood kids excited about the fun they could have painting it while he sat back in the sun… and still got paid!)

Jay explains in the webinar that you don't even need to have to do the deal making if you don;t want to although some thrive on the challenge. There are plenty of people with great selling skills who will work for a slice of the action… and would do it themselves if only they had the vision and knowledge to see these money-making opportunities.

During the presentation Jay reveals 10 of the easiest pathways to passive income prosperity to help you to quickly test and prove the ideas for yourself.

I recommend you check out this webinar and book it while it is still available. It could really open up your eyes to profit opportunities out there.

Masters of Passive Income webinar – affiliate link


I receive a commission if you like the ideas so much you decide to give the course a try – otherwise there's nothing in it for me except bringing you more great information on how you can improve your business.

What Do You Think?

After you've experienced the web-broadcast, I'd like to know what you think.

Your recommendations can provide the social proof needed to help other members to give it a try.

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