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31 October 2007


Dear Paul
I think your advice on hiring a professional business plan writer is somewhat misplaced. With computers and so many internet resources, it should be possible for a person to write a business plan. In the process of writing a business plan one learns the A to Z of the business and i think the success rate would be higher.
what happens with the professionals is that they would change the figures and words of another plan here and there and produce another print out !. (this is what is happening in this part of the country. In UK it could be different. Even if the professional writes, one has to learn the project in detail, no ? In that case is it not the best option to write one and show it to a professional for a touch up.
Kindly give your comment.
with regards
Jose Sebastian

Hi Jose

Thanks for your comment but I am a little confused because you seem to be taking the same approach as me. Most of the article is written by Rob Warlow, the blue sections by me.

I write "If you are an aspiring entrepreneur I would recommend that you have a go at producing your own plan. That way you really own the ideas and numbers. However if you struggle to communicate effectively in writing (and many people do) it is a good idea to pass it to an experienced business professional for review and polishing."

If the business plan is being used to support a request for finance, it is important that it is good. First impressions count and it is essential that the entrepreneur comes across as credible and that he/she has given the business concept serious thought.

I also agree that everyone should have a go at writing their own plans. The concept that the business owner gets under the skin of the business by having to write the plan is spot on but let's face facts ... as Paul has highlighted some people have a problem effectively putting their ideas across on paper.

Banks (especially lately) are looking even more critically at plans and it would be a shame for a great idea to fail to find finance just because of poor presentation.

Jose's compromise of writing the plan yourself and having someone else review it is also a sound suggestion.

I have recently reviewed some more software for producing business plans.

Take a look at what I think about Business Plan Writer


which is good if you want help and inspiration putting the words together and your requirements for the numbers is simple.

I've recently returned to this idea of whether you should hire a business plan writer on my Differentiate Your Business blog.

Please see my article

Is It A Good Idea For Someone Else To Write Your Business Plan

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