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14 November 2007


Hi Paul,

Wow, quit a review!!

I don't have the Mr X book, been thinking aobut maybe adding it to my library.

I keep notes of the dollar amount of product Jay has sold. I read somewhere that he sold 60 or 70,000 copies of Mr X at $400. Maybe it was 40 originally, and he sold more through email and online, although I'm not positive. Still, 40,000 copies at $400 is $16 million, which is more than most authors make in a lifetime. Just staggering.

I read in FYMEO, he talked about the difference between being a typical author, and selling 50,000 books for $19. Or selling something really specialized like Your Marketing Genius, Stealth Marketing, or Mr X, but less copies at a much higher price (like $495 for Your Marketing Genius). I'd be very curious to read a post that analyzes the number of copies he's sold of different products.

And also, as great as his strategies are, his ultimate strategy has been maximizing his own back end.

In his examples, he talks about investment rarites, and how X amount of people bought $5,000 worth of coins. And then a percentage of those buyers bought $10 or $20k. And then an even smaller group bought $50 or $100k.

And he's done the exact same thing with his own products. With the mastermind seminars, marketing genius, mr x, stealth marketing...all the way to the jasme.

And quite a comment JohnB.

Jay certainly practices what he preaches.

He knows his value, he delivers it consistently and because of that he builds a set of loyal fans like you and me that keep his back end healthy.

But I am amazed at how many people don't know his techniques and he wasn't even mentioned once on my MBA marketing course.

Absolutely crazy.

I don't have a copy of FYMEO (For Your Marketing Eyes Only for readers who are new to Jay Abraham).

Isn't that the forerunner of JASME (Jay Abraham's Strategic Marketing Encyclopedia) that "only" runs to about 3,000 pages?

If you've got that then the Mr X book may include quite a lot of repetition but I see it as a middle ground between his book "Getting Everything You Can..." and these mega-products.

And on the subject of Jay Abraham's wealth, he is a true master of passive income.

I don't think I can resist signing up to his passive income mentoring course although I do need to complete several things first.

I'm definitely in overload zone.

On a person note I would like to thank you for commenting so often on my blog. Unfortuntaly with Typepad I can't list regular commentators but you'd be top.


I search around the net for info about him. I've found Martin Lee's site and yours, but not many places to talk about or share ideas.

I use to follow different authors, different newsletters, now it's about 90% Jay, he's my business school. This week I finished transcribing his ceo club talk, it comes out to 22 1/2 pages, but well worth it if you have the time.

The lesson I take away from him in terms of passive income, is you can do something once, and get paid over and over for it. I.e. his Mr X book. It was only written once, but I can imagine how dense and compact it is in terms of information. He makes every word and every sentence perform. If the quality isn't there, it isn't going to have legs.

Among other passive income deals. You can imagine how many checks he gets from his mastermind series, old books, interviews, etc.

I was first introduced to Jay's work when I purchased 'Your Secret Wealth' and immediately I took on board the Abrahams mindset, which immediately changed the way that I saw opportunities in my business. Then as I searched for more of his material I jumped at the chance of buying, no investing in, Mr X.It is dense, it is challenging to read however after many years of highlighting and tagging areas it has become easier and it's great to refer to again and again. In fact after reading your article it reminds me that I must spend time with it again as you have mentioned certain points that urge me to revisit it. I have never regreted buying this book and when I did back in 2002 it was £150 but worth every penny. Self financing if you take action.

Don't miss the chance to join Jay Abraham in his new venture The League Of Extraordinary Minds

Jay has brought together 54 of the top business experts.

For more details see my blog


or jump straight to the sales page


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The main offer is free but there is an upsell offer with much more convenience and it is stacked with great bonuses if you are a Jay Abraham fan including The Wizard's Edge - 17 mp3s around the 40 minute mark where Jay Abraham is interviewed by a professional interviewer.

Since I wrote this review of the Mr X book, I have spoken to a number of people who have said that they bought it and of course, it was the most expensive book that they have ever bought.

I haven't spoken to anyone who regretted the decision.

The reference to the new Mr X book has been changed. The proposed update by Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren to cover Internet marketing seems to have been put to one side although there is some collaboration in Jay Abraham's latest mass market book The Sticking Point Solution.

Wew... I guess I'm very lucky to have this book at 16.. I have the book 3 days now.. hehe... still 16..hehe... I'm very excited reading it but personally I don't like e-books... so I have to print it first...If I have any success story reading and applying what I learn in this book I will share it to you all..thankyou

, Red, 16, Philippines..

P.S. - Do you think I can be the Jay Abraham of the Philippines?

The Mr X book has appeared on a one day sale through Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits - on December 22 2009.

I have given up on the rumours of an updated version.

Have you read the Mr X book by Jay Abraham?

If so, what did you think?

Paul, do you know who wrote the copy for the Mr X sales letter and whether the story is true?

From the clues that were given in the sales letter, it sounds like Jim Cook. He was a Jay Abraham client who experienced huge growth in his business and he wrote a book on business start-ups.

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