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22 November 2007


To learn more about the experience curve, take a look at my list of best business strategy books


To help you to find more about the experience curve and its role in cost reduction and strategy I have added a few links.

First is Wikipedia but you've probably seen that already since it seems to dominate Google

Experience curve effects


A comprehensive review which goes into some of the mathematics of the experience curve.

Over on Google books there is Restoring our competitive edge By Robert H. Hayes, Steven C. Wheelwright

Good stuff and again comprehensive on the experience curve from a manufacturing background


The Harvard Business Blog asks "Does the Experience Curve Matter Today?"


and then follows up with a new concept the Collaboration Curve


I had a little search and couldn't find anything about the experience curve and how it applied in the service sector. Just a few references to restricted academic texts.

If you know different, then please post any experience curve links as comments.

Have you used the experience curve thinking to drive a cost reduction strategy?

If so, I'd love to hear your story.

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