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19 December 2007


Paul-great post! I think we all need some amount of help in different areas. For most independent professionals and professional service firms (people my company works with), marketing is their sore spot and what they need the most help with.

Hi Shama
Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback. When I was writing it, I was a bit worried that people would take offence but I do worry about the people who

a) don't take business advice and accept much less profit from their business than they could achieve and

b) those people who look to every possible source to the easy, quick fixes without ever giving anything a fair chance to work through effective implementation.

On the marketing side, you can see from the postings through the blog that I see this as an absolutely key area.

Thanks again for the comment and I hope you comment back to the blog and take a good look around.

When I wrote this blog originally my eyes hadn't been opened to the huge industry that was the "make money on the Internet" industry.

Since then I have become active in that area - both buying and promoting - and the area is full of junkies looking for their next fix.

Earlier this week (October 5th 2009) the FTC in the USA has clamped down on promotions and said that you need to declare material interests and also increased the restrictions on testimonials.

The answer lies in buying open to new ideas, to buy wisely, use the products and then take purposeful action.

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