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12 January 2008


The Kolbe suite of instruments are very powerful tools. It's important to remember that Kolbe is measuring energy units, not whether you are going to be any good at a particular activity. The theory is that if you have lots of energy for a particular type of task, you will be better at than those who aren't. In my experience this is true.

We like to use the Kolbe in consort with another instrument. Some like the Predictive Index, others DISC. We like to use Right Path along with Kolbe. We find the combination of the two help us and our Clients understand what directions might be the most positive for them.

These tools also allow us to help our Clients concentrate on their strengths and learn to manage their weaknesses. We believe this is the true use of these tools.


Thanks for a great post and the insights.

This is not my area of expertise and I accept that I have a lot to learn.

I wanted to report what I was getting out of the experience of taking the Strengths Mastery Advantage that rich Schefren provided..

The kolbe Assessment tool is simply an indispensable tool for any entrepreneur.

I have particularly recommended it for people who are getting on the web by creating and launching their own sonopia (own branded mobile virtual network operation) with the free web and wap site platform provided by sonopia corporation.

I have considered all the struggles that most business owners undergo and imagined how they apply to sonopia leaders (people owning a sonopia are called this).

It has so much inspired me I launched a sonopia for delivering and sharing conative ability profiles direct on your mobile phone (www.sonopia.com/conativesociety)

Bottom line...without Kolbe assessment you may never reach your full potential in Business!


The Kolbe company seems to be well established and highly professional however the Strengths Mastery Advantage company give the visual impression of being purely full of HYPE and high power sales pitch.

Their Phone number and address is nearly impossible to find on their web site, which helps convince me that their are after your wallet rather than a legit company like the real Kolbe company.

Further more, what make it look even more deceitful is that the Strengths Mastery Advantage company makes no mention at all that in truth it is based on the KOLBE system.

This leaves me with a very skeptical opinion of how ethical the Strengths Mastery Advantage really is.

If you go to the web site of the Kolbe company www.Kolbe.com there is no high powered sales pitch (the hype you see on the 3:00 am TV which appeals to the feeble minded who will purchase any get rich quick scam) and their address and phone number is easily available at the ABOUT link on every page of their web site.

Further more, the Strengths Mastery Advantage keeps on playing with the price, first they say it's $199 then they say they will give it to you for $100 then when you click on it it says $97 in 3 payments and then when you select that it doesn't allow 3 payments but in one lump some.

Doesn't look or feel professional and legit AT ALL.

While the www.Kolbe.com web site gives you the feel of a legit fortune 500 company.

Hi Jack

Thanks for your comment.

Strengths Mastery Advantage is brought to you as a JV between Kolbe and Strategic Profits, one of the world's best Internet marketing advisory firms.

Companies have different views on how strong a sales letter should be and while Strategic Profits go further than I would do, I am held back by British reserve.

Yes the persuasion is turned up high but look at the Strengths Mastery Advantage guarantee and I quote:

" Order the system. Take the test and get your profile. Watch the online audio/visual tutorial that explains who you really are... what you will and what you won’t do... and... how you do what you will do. Then read my report: 11 Ways To Leverage Your Strengths And Manage Your Weaknesses. And finally, watch my video and/or read the transcript with Amy Bruske, Executive Vice-President of the company that developed this technology.

Then, after all that, if don’t feel like this system is going to revolutionize your business and personal life... contact us by phone (954-555-5555) or by e-mail (support@strategicprofits.com) within 90 days, and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.... without hassle or delay."

There is nothing mealy mouthed about a guarantee like this and no hiding behind difficult to find telephone numbers or email addresses. It is all there.

On the pricing side for Strengths Mastery Advantage, I agree.

Strategic Profits have blundered with the confusion and the promise of a three stage payment which doesn't exist. I have contacted them and pointed it out.

I would expect it to be fixed in days.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I hope you are right and I hope and wish that I am wrong.

You point out the Phone number:


Why don't you try to actualy call that number and see for yourslef, if it's a real telephone number?

I tried and I don't think it's a real phone number.

In the USA, on TV shows, when they want to mention a Telephone number in a Movie and are afraid someone may actually try and call that number, they must use a fake non existent number. The STANDARD in the USA, to indicate a FAKE non-number, is to have it start with 555

The 555 prefix of a tel number is an indicate of a mythical Tel. number.

Go ahead and try dealing it.

There is more:

The "user agreement", when you click to order (which most people just "click" that they agree, without ever really reading it) states that the only way to cancel is to call and talk to a LIVE person (and it states that it specificaly excludes voice-mail).

Now, if the phone number doesn't work and no human being actually answers, (and voice mail doesn't count) then it's a catch 22 which means it's effectively impossible to cancel.

So the "Money Back Guarantee" can't work.

Again, I hope I am wrong and I would be very happy if you could verify this.

Thank you very much

Hi Jack

You do seem concerned about Strategic Profits and Strengths Mastery Advantage.

I didn't know about telephone numbers in the US and must admit that it wouldn't have occurred to me.

What I can say is that my dealings with Strategic Profits have been very good.

Twice I have had refunds.

The first was over an administrative mix up but when I pointed it out, the money came back quickly.

The second was when I bought an offer and then a couple of days letter received a communication saying "if you have already bought ... then you will receive a x% discount."

I got on to them and said "Hey, you didn't tell me that when I ordered." Again I got the money back.

I believe the you can only judge as you find and I have found Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits a highly reputable business.

He is too high profile a figure to get away ripping customers off. The power of social media would be buzzing with it very quickly.

I have asked some one from Strategic Profits to comment on the telephone number. I don't know the facts.

I did report the confusing payments to Strategic Profits and the problems relate back to an old test they were doing.

It will be fixed soon.

Unfortunately these things do happen from time to time.

As you will see from my blog above, my dominant style in the Kolbe A Index is as a fact finder.

I wrote more about this Kolbe attribute at http://businesscoaching.typepad.com/the_business_coaching_blo/2009/06/kolbe-fact-finder.html

Kathy Kolbe, creator of the Kolbe A Index is one of the amazing people included in the League of Extraordinary Minds.

6 weeks of free business building advice from 54 of the top business experts in the world including Kathy Kolbe.

See blog http://businesscoaching.typepad.com/the_business_coaching_blo/2009/05/league-of-extraordinary-minds.html



(affiliate link)

I ordered the Strengths Mastery Advantage at around 5:00 AM yesterday paid $97 for it and still have not received what I paid for. I submitted 3 tickets now for help I did receive an e-mail from Paul Johnson stating that it was turned over to the tech dept but I have not received a call or e-mail from the tech dept so as far as Im concerned there Cust Service SUCKS and I have ask for a refund.


Sorry to hear about the problems when you ordered the Strengths Mastery Advantage. This is the first incidence like this I've heard since the process should be automatically coded.

Strategic Profits are a top Internet marketing firm and I am confident that you won't have any trouble getting the refund.

While It is not an excuse, Strategic Profits are in the Middle of a huge launch for The League Of Extraordinary Minds.

This is a brains trust of 54 of the top business brains in the world.

That includes Kathy Kolbe, the creator of the Kolbe A Index / Strengths Mastery Advantage.

You can find out more at http://businesscoaching.typepad.com/the_business_coaching_blo/2009/05/league-of-extraordinary-minds.html

For a fuller explanation of the Kolbe A Index and Conation take a look at http://knol.google.com/k/conation#

This is written by Kathy Kolbe and is much more informative that the official Kolbe website.

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