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16 March 2008


Thanks for the heads up Paul. I didn't realise Gerber had another book being published.

Will be a great read considering E-myth was published in 95 and I still recommend it as the first book any small business owner reads.

I was just on Michael Port's call with Michael Gerber and I have to say I am inspired!

For years (actually most of my life) I have had a knack for dreaming and when working on teams have always been the one to push the comfort envelope. I have always seen myself as a creative but felt alone in a world of linear comfortable thinkers. Years of this has led me to learn to repress my creative spirit.

I have also believed and taught that every person is creative..they just need to learn how to let themselves do it.

Listening to Michael Gerber today reignited the spark that I thought was gone...in short I am encouraged by the direction the business culture is moving from Michael Port, Jay Conrad Levinson, Rich Sheffron,Seth Godin and on and on. the important message of giving permission or empowering each individual to move into unknown uncomfortable territory is a message who's time has come.

Craig, the book is focusing very much on the entrepreneur rather than the business so it nicely balances the E Myth Revisited.

Bill, great post. Your enthusiasm comes through in your writing so it should be exciting now your creative spirit is released to focus on what your customers and clients really need and want.

I am a big fan of Micheal Gerber. I've read his books and have been inspired by his stories. Great Video.

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