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09 March 2008


Paul I understand why you don't like free business coaching and especially when it is so close to home.

You are wrong to criticise it.

The fact is small business owners need help during this recession.

If the offer of free business coaching motivates even a small number of business owners to talk to advisers and improve their business, it is worth taking.

Many of us can't afford to pay thousands of pounds each month to a business coach, especially of there is no guarantee. I have heard that one business coaching firm that will go nameless can charge over £2,000 per month.

I wish this free business coaching offer was in my area.

John thanks for your comments on the free business coaching issue.

I accept that small business owners need help - my entire business is based on that idea.

First my blog was a bit of a whinge about the government funding a competitor to such a level that it is anti-competitive.

I don't know what business you are in but how would you feel if a government backed organisation started to give away what you sell?

Second I do have genuine concerns about whether clients will be as committed to free business coaching and they would be if they were paying for it.

Business coaching is all about commitment and free business coaching doesn't require any form of commitment from the business owner except time.

I suspect that even time may be withheld.

I know on training seminars I am more committed to attend - and then to do something - if the training seminar has cost me money.

For those small business owners who are seriously stretched for cash but would like some guidance, I wrote a blog on Do It Yourself (DIY) Business Coaching


This points you towards some free resources which can help.

The more I heard about people who have tried free coaching, the more I see it as a bad idea.

I think is is very difficult to fully commit to something that is free and that applies to both sides.

While I am sure that any coach offering free sessions will be professional it has to affect the off-duty thinking time.

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