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26 March 2008


Hi Paul, I really can't source it right now but I think it will be in the domain of some 20-30 dollars...

Old copies were (don't know if still are) sold on eBay for few hundreds of dollars...

You can get the first two chapters of Mind Control Marketing free from


You can also get the complete book The Irresistible Offer also by Mark Joyner from


In many ways this is Mark Joyner's response to Mind Control Marketing and the concern that the mind control tactics could be used for manipulation.

The Irresistible Offer sees giving great value as the primary focus for a business. The Mind Control Marketing tactics are put in their place as offer intensifiers.

To read my review of Mind Control Marketing on my Business Books Blog, please see


When you buy the Mind Control Marketing book you will see that there are a couple of upsells to Mind Control Ninjas


and the Catalog of Esoteric Psychological Lore


These are both more extensive resources which delve deeper into the psychology of influence and persuasion.

Mind Control Ninjas is part of the Catalog Of Esoteric Psychological Lore.

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