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02 March 2008


Thanks a lot! Its really nice and interesting.

It's over two years since I wrote this blog on the Beer Game, systems dynamics and systems thinking.

Do you have any extra thoughts on the beer game?

Have you see how it creates big fluctuations in a business you're involved with?

Reminds me of the Johnny Carson"Toilet Paper Shortage"
joke in about 1972, which actually created a shortage
as people started stocking up
"just in case"... and the retailer's shelves started becoming emptier, which triggered panic buying....

Thanks Doug for your comment.

As a matter of interest, who recommended this blog posting on the Beer game?

My traffic exploded on it at about 9:00 pm last night (UK = 4:00 pm Eastern) and it's all coming from emails. I'd like to be able to say thank you.

An article by Andrew Sullivan posted Nov 22 on the Motley Fool Pro board about the mistaken assumptions the Fed makes about an equilibrium state existing between supply and demand forces in the economy.

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