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12 March 2008


To help you to understand more about win loss analysis and why it is such an important topic I have found a few links.

Win/Loss Analysis Checklist for Product Managers


How Win/Loss Analysis Can Improve Your Sales Performance


Win/loss analysis the cooperative angle


More information on win-loss analysis

Win Loss Analysis Increase your win ratio by better understanding your prospects, customers, and competitors.


Your Strategic Friend, Mrs. Win/Loss Analysis


How NOT to do Win/Loss Analysis part 1: CRM Reporting

How consultants look at win-loss analysis at a much deeper level than the average product manager.


Who Should Do Win-Loss Analysis?

as the title suggests this looks at who should do the win-loss analysis. The writer sees it as a good task for a consultant because a) objectivity and b) the consultant is not trying to re-open the selling process.

It is an interesting idea that certainly has merit. A missed customer is not going to point to a bad salesman if it is the salesman who is trying to do the win-loss analysis.


ROI on Win/Loss Analysis WILL Get Executive Attention!

Win/loss is a great idea in theory and this article looks at whether it is another example of busywork or whether it will really make you more money.


Win Loss Analysis is more than Competitive Intelligence


When I first posted the How NOT to do Win/Loss Analysis part 1 link above, I hadn't noticed that the was an entire section about win/loss analysis.


This includes

How to get a lost account to speak with you


Competitive intelligence using lost deals


Contacting lost accounts


Win/Loss Analysis: What to do if you’re not allowed to call customers


What’s the deal with Win/Loss Analysis?


No Win/Loss? Blame…


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