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01 April 2008


Paul -
Thank you for the thorough review. I am currently considering the E Myth Mastery business coaching program. Overall would you recommend it?

Thanks Fred for the comment on my review of the E Myth Mastery book.

I have the first fourteen modules of the E Myth Mastery program and it is good.

Michael Gerber has really developed the whole concept of business coaching and the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to pull everything together and help the entrepreneur or owner of a small be a more effective general manager.

In terms of recommendations on the E Myth mastery program, it depends on where your business is, where you want to take it and the obstacles in the way.

The E Myth Mastery program is very disciplined and as I've heard Michael Gerber say "it's my way or the highway".

Are you happy following a fixed program or do you want flexibility and discussion with your business coach?

If marketing and sales are your big issue then I think that the Small Business Growth Club from Scott Hallman http://www.smallbusinessgrowthclub.co.uk is outstanding value for money and Scott has really nailed the implementation issues.

It doesn't have the accountability issues of a coaching program but I can't stop raving about it.

If you are based in the UK, I know of a pretty good business coach although I am much more expensive than E Myth Coaching.

What do you think of the E Myth Mastery book by Michael Gerber?

Do you agree with me that there is some great stuff locked away in the mush?

There are some scathing comments in the Amazon reviews and I don't think I have ever known a book to divide opinions so much - and so evenly.

I have just re-checked the ratings on E Myth Mastery and Amazon show

5 stars 14
4 stars 6
3 stars 6
2 stars 5
1 star 13

Let me know because it would be good to get a debate going on this review.

I mention it earlier built I do recommend the book for the insight it gives on the Marketing section and I read a lot of marketing books.

I have also recommended E Myth Mastery to accountants who want to understand how small business owners have an uneasy relationship with money - they want it but they don't really understand how it all works so they stay in their comfort zones and put off dealing with it.

I like audio learning so I was impressed enough with E Myth Mastery to buy the audio book after I had bought the hardback.

It is terrible - all the bad stuff without the good and the sickly sweet syrup is even worse when you are trapped in the car with it.

See my E Myth Mastery Audio review if you have any temptations to buy it.


How much to become a master trainer with e-myth? I'm curious ... Please e-mail me at info@springermktadv.com

Thanks Will Springer


I recommend that you contact E Myth Worldwide.


Anyone else read E Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber?

I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the book.

i had a love hate relationship with it which is more than I can say for some of the later books.

Paul, thanks for you review. I have to agree with you on the book. I am re- reading it after a few years and find it really hard to take especially in the conversations with Sarah which at various points make me very uncomfortable, if you know what I mean, for a man his age. Did Michael Gerber actually write this stuff? And that's the challenge here to sort out the great ideas and turn them into actions without throwing up.
Having said that the book is way more usable than E-Myth revisited because it goes into detail much more and provides those worksheets you mentioned. Very useful, although only a sample from the Online course which I am now doing.
Both books are essential reading for any small to medium business.


Thanks for your comment on the E Myth Mastery which matches my own views.

It is a strange book - samples of great practical content from the E Myth program combined with the sentimental drivel connecting up the dots.

Good luck with your E Myth online course. Stay focused on implementing and I'm confident you'll see some major improvements in your business.

I also recommend you join me in http://yourprofitclub.co.uk, at least as a free bronze member.

This is my small business owners membership club which gets access to many more of my business building ideas and in more detail than appear on my blogs.

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