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07 April 2008


Porter in his diamond places emphasis on the quality of home demand. This is somewhat difficult in explaining export-based industries. There are some industries that have emerged exclusively based on export market--for instance the call centers in India would not survive if the US and Canada withdraws their offshore contracts. Chile now has thriving salmon industry but few people eat salmon in Chile nearly 99% of it is exported to the US and Europe. Peru produces fish feed not to serve its home market.

I am grappling with a specific industry example, but is there any explanation from the diamond perspective as to why these export based industries thrive?


The diamond came up in Michael Porter's third book on global trade.

I haven't read it as it is not really my area of interest.

Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter is one of the books featured in my list of

Best Business Strategy Books


Wow I can't believe it's over two years ago since I reviewed Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter.

I really must review Competitive Advantage soon, his second classic strategy text.

If you've read Competitive Strategy, I'd like to hear what you think.

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