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30 May 2008


Good tips as always Paul.

Regarding measuring your marketing, a lot of small businesses owners have problems with how to do it. They seem to think marketing isn't that easy to measure.

A while back, I met a guy called Mike who had a simple solution to the problem of tracking ad effectiveness. Simply assign a different phone number to different ads. It worked so well for his old employer he actually started a business doing it: http://www.mediaspy.co.uk

I thought this was a great solution and much easier than using special coupon codes, etc. I don't know how many other businesses provide this service but I thought it was a nice simple and elegant solution to a common problem.

Best Regards,

Hi Craig
Thanks for the comments. There are many different ways that you can track responses from different email addresses, different website addresses which point to your main site, different people to ask for, different offer titles as well as the telephone number.

Some of these can be automated but because there is some drop off from initial enquiry through to order, the sales team still need to be aware that they should be capturing details.

I use ACT! as a contact management system and always ask where people became aware of me and what prompted the contact.

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