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22 July 2008


It depends what you are asking by "are men better at Business than women?". Women bring structure, organization, motivation, compensation, and merit to the workforce. Men think about the Big Bucks and the bottom line. Sure male business owners might bring in a larger profit than women business owners, but how can you compare, really, when a very small percentage of businesses are run by women? Women aim for a better work-life balance, men don't. Women want the people in her workplace to be happy, healthy, and loving their job. Men want his workers to build his profits.
Perhaps this question can be better answered if you look at the type of businesses women run compared to those of men. Depending on the industry, many companies are inherently predisposed to a higher potential earning. Grandmas homebaked goods, unless acquired by Kraft, doubtfully will be a billion dollar company, compared to a fancy-dancy application for your iPhone.
I am not suggesting that men are big, mean, horrible people to work for. The opposite is true. I love working with men because they are go getters. But at the same time women bring that organization and stability to the company. A happy mix of both genders works well!

Hi Renee

Thanks for your comment and of course my question "Are men better at business than women" was asked very tongue in cheek.

I was intrigued by Elizabeth's comment because I had never thought about business success along gender grounds. There are people who know what they are doing and people who don't have a clue.

I am sure that you are right that one of the big factors is that women are attracted to professions, trades and industries which may have less profit potential.

I also believe that you are right in the fact that women are much stronger at developing a full work-life balance and all the juggling that involves while successful men may just work, work, work.

I also agree entirely that one person's definition of success may be entirely at odds with another and that profit is not the be all and end all of business. Still it is nice but so is getting home before midnight and only working four days per week instead of seven.

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