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11 July 2008


Stealth Marketing is a good read with a lot of pratical advice, an advance / supplementary read to Jay's "Getting Everything You Can..." book.

Being a Jay Abraham nut, I think Stealth Marketing is one of the top 10 books you could read on marketing or business building.

Like anything from Jay, sometimes just a few quotes can make it worth what you pay. In Stealth Marketing, there's a passage about "single mindely work a simple idea to its fullest potential". I didnt see that in Mr X, or "Getting Everything", or even some of his seminars, so you learn something new. Quotes like that are very powerful if they sink in the right way.

Also, there are also some good consultation transcripts in there. Model his questioning style (ask similar questions about your business). Read the whole book slowly, and absorb even the simplist of ideas.

John you make an excellent point in your comments about Stealth Marketing.

One phrase or section can suddenly ignite the brain and get your imagination racing with the potential of applying it in your business.

It's said that once you've read a particular book, then when you go back to it, you are a different person. You see different things because your mind has moved on.

I have to admit based on your comments on my posts about Jay Abraham, you're an ever bigger JA fanatic than me.

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