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04 July 2008


The Power Parthenon is a great visual representation of why it is important to add extra lead generation and revenue generation techniques to a business.

But don't go crazy by spreading yourself too wide.

Look to mastery a technique before moving on to the next. Get it into profit then try something else.

Another blog with not as many comments as I would like.

Have you used the idea of the Power Partheneon to create a more powerful business?

I'd love to hear your story.

For my clients, I encourage a combination of different types of marketing to attract customers at different stages in their buying decisions.

Search marketing - like search engine optimisation and pay per click for people who are already searching for solutions.

Outreach marketing like direct mail for people who may have a problem but haven't decided to do anything about it.

The Power Parthenon gives logic to adding on these techniques and also to use each for customer attraction, conversion and retention.

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