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31 August 2008


There have been a few of these top tips from 'experts' lately. all saying much the same. Common sense for most business men. But I like the personal comments-spot on.

Thanks John for your comments.

This is the first time I've looked at the problem from a purely finance position.

While I have used an established source as the base I do wonder whether I missed anything.

For example I have just realised that there is nothing on the list about credit control, both in terms of applying stricter credit limit policies or accelerating collection procedures.

Totally agree with this list and I'll be printing it out for my own business use.

I believe that we have become lazy in terms of looking for finance options because it has been readily available for so long. However, now that lenders are more reluctant (and don't want any more bad press for being irresponsible), borrowers need to explore contingency funding as a matter of urgency.

A very timely and wise post Paul - thank you.

Hi Louise

Thanks for your kind comments.

I have shied away from the subject of "finance tips for the recession" a little bit because the credit crunch has all become rather clichéd but when I found the list of ten points from the ICAEW I thought I agree with those but...

Hence the compulsion to write the article at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning.


I think your points are spot on
I'll be incorporating them in our management planning meetings in the near future
I think it's most important to have rehearsed a strategy for the 'unthinkable'

Keep up the excellent blog

Including your finances in the monthly meeting agenda is a great way to reflect on your spendings. You can work out plans on how to improve spending and save more.

We really have to be focus on our finances if we are serious on protecting our business income. Tackling it every meeting is a good idea.

Regular updates would be of great help. In that way, you have the idea on where your financial status going.

I think your tips here are great! Really interesting and very useful indeed. A very good resource of helpful information in the current climate!

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