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14 September 2008


It's nearly two years ago since I wrote this blog on Profit Improvement and how profit can respond to small changes in your sales and costs.

Unfortunately no one has commented.

I'd like to know about your experiences if you're willing to share.

Have you seen profit improvements comes from small increases and incremental changes.

Or have you suffered and seen small changes in your profit drivers force down your profits.

It's no surprise that I talk about building a clear profit model for your business in Pillar 1 on my coaching program, the Eight Pillars of Business Prosperity.

You see with a profit model, you can see the impact of changes before they happen, so you can focus your improvement strategy on the best ideas.

You can also have an early warning system just in case.

profit improvement comes from taking positive actions but it also comes from stopping the things which are knocking back your profit.

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