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02 October 2008


OK, here's the deal: "selling", per se, doesn't really exist any more. We're all so bombarded with messages coming at us 24/7 that it's become all but impossible to get people to listen!

New game, indeed. Marketing now has to BE selling. Who would have thought!?

Jeff Yablon
President & CEO
Virtual VIP

Jeff thank you for your comment although I'm not clear on what you are saying.

The message in the New Game of Selling is very much that you take the buyers perspective, meet them where they are in their buying process and help them.

The emphasis is very much on becoming the trusted adviser who sees every prospect as an individual with particular needs and issues.

You are certainly correct that we all see far too many promotional messages that try to interrupt our thinking and lives and move us onto the sellers agenda.

The New Game of Selling recognises this which is why the emphasis is to be on the buyer's side.

Yes you need to customers to buy. After all there is no profit until you sell and you are in business to make a profit.

But you only want customers to buy what's right for them, what will benefit them, what will solve their problems or help them take advantage of opportunities.

That is the New Game of Selling.

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