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21 November 2008


I wonder whether this will work for our NGO though we don't look for profits as it is NOT a business BUT it definately is a positive approach.
I will remember it for the marketing and profits of the Books I write (as the royalties help the children).

Thankyou - I appreciate this!

Hi Neeru

Thanks for your comment.

I had to go and look up NGO (Non Government Organisation).

As you can see my focus is on finding extra profit from hidden opportunities and whilst the motivation may be different, I think there are always opportunities for improvement.

I don't do any work for the non-profit sector (as you may have guessed from my brand and marketing positioning) but look at the relationships you have and ask, can we get more of what we want while giving more of what they want? Are there assets we are under-using?


Actually "Profit Maximization Ideas" are relevant for NGOs as well. You simply need to translate it as "Impact Maximization Ideas". As you might already be aware, experts talk about SROI (Social Return on Investment).


Thanks for your comment.

I really do know nothing about non-profit organisations. I was approached for business coaching by a church recently but turned them down because I didn't think I could change my profit mindset.

I can however see that the hidden profit ideas can be turned around since they focus on revenue maximisation and cost efficiency and effectiveness.

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