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01 November 2008


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Hi Paul,

I stumbled upon your articles on Micheal Porter book "Competitive Strategy" , The Five Forces Model of Industry Analysis, which I found very enriching. I was looking forward to reading the article on the last of the Five Forces "Competing Rivalry" or "Rivalry among existing firms", but I have been unable to find it on the site.
There seems to a link to an article mentioning the title, but this link is inactive.

I was wondering this was a technical problem or maybe that you might not yet have written it.

Hope I am not pestering. I just enjoyed the precedent articles so much, that I am hungering for the last one. It just seems that the best part of the "lunch is missing".


Wilfrid, thanks for your comment.

You are right.

I haven't written about the Michael Porter's fifth force - competitive rivalry.

It is an oversight which I will correct sometime soon.

In fact I haven't written as much about the general business strategy issues as I intended. There is much to cover.

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