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25 January 2009


Couldnt agree more...too many entrepreneurs are caught up in what looks nice rather than what works. I've done a free report at http://socialbuzz.co.uk that your readers will love!

Yes, it's important to be settled in doing marketing and being clear of whether it works or not. I think the most important part is that your marketing is continually building an image of you in the marketplace. Ultimately, make sure that whatever you put out there, it matches what you are about. For instance, you don't want to convey a sense of lowest price when you are about highest quality. (Especially if your product IS on the high end price wise.)

Most importantly is finding an expert in marketing that fits you as a business owner.

Don't you agree?

Miche Suboski - www.yourbusinessadvisor.net

Barry and Miche, thanks for your comments.

You need to be consistent in your approach and it needs to match your market expectations.

But often people try to dazzle with the quality of the materials/design and miss the point of the message.

That way you hit the glossy magazine problem - they look nice but they all blur into one.

There are lots of different places to get marketing advice but I urge you to go down the direct response marketing path.

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