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07 April 2009


heart of a marketer + mind of an accountant

I like it! :)

Yes I liked that image too when I thought about it.

In fact I had to go and Google to see if I was borrowing the phrase because I suspect that it will appear in more of my marketing as part of my USP.

I explain elsewhere how I have been drawn between the two positions all my career.

Marketing is much more fun but the big question is "does it make money" and sadly a lot of marketing is waste.

In the ten months since I wrote this blog, my view has soften a touch.

I'd probably now say the purpose of a privately owned business is to achieve the objectives of the owner.

A business is the vessel an entrepreneur works with to create something they deem to be worthwhile.

My only concern is that my new thinking seems to legitimise scam artists who milk their customers for what they can get and run.

That's obviously not what I mean and perhaps the purpose of a business needs to be split into two:

1 - the private purpose of a business - is to achieve the objectives of the business

2 - the public purpose of a business is to do good in the world. If the private purpose doesn't focus on customers then the public purpose does and also includes being a good employer and "citizen".

What do you think the primary purpose of a business is?

Do you believe the focus should be on one stakeholder?

or that the purpose of a business is about balancing the needs of two stakeholder - usually the owner and the customer?

This is one of those philosophical answers where you can't be wrong it's just opinion.

And whether the business works and makes sense as a living entity.

or about multiple stakeholders?

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