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16 May 2009


Don Hutson, co-author of the One Minute Entrepreneur is one of the big name speakers who feature in iLearning Global.


I read the One Minute Entrepreneur very soon after publication so I thought it would be interesting to see what others thought.

Amazon ratings for The One Minute Entrepreneur are very mixed

5 stars - 19
4 stars - 5
3 stars - 3
2 stars - 2
1 star - 4

although it is clear that many got more out of this book than I did.

In retrospect, I wonder if I have been too kind to the book as I don't see it surviving my next purge and have never had any inclination to go back to it.

Shame because I like other One Minute Manager books and when I was a member of iLearning Global, I was impressed with Don Hutson.

Over on the Life, Happiness and the Pursuit of Independence blog, The One Minute Entrepreneur was given a 3.5 star rating with some similar comments to mine.

Interestingly I see Dustin said "worth your time to read it, but it’s not a book I’d suggest keeping on your shelf for future reference"


Stanley Bronstein has a more positive review of the One Minute Entrepreneur on his blog


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