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26 May 2009


I have just heard from Rich Schefren.

The league of Extraordinary Minds is coming.

Expect the pre-launch to start mid October

By all accounts this is expected to be an extraordinary launch masterminded by Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren pulling together so many of the biggest names in business advice.

If you want to be an affiliate and take part in the League of Extraordinary Minds launch, you can join the Rich Schefren / Strategic Profits scheme here


The latest news I have about the League of Extraordinary Minds is that Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren are pulling together groups of the experts into panels.

These panels will look look at an important business issue and share their thoughts.

The next day, another group of expert commentators will looks at what was said and turn the ideas into actionable steps.

I was a bit slow to put 2 + 2 together but the League of Extraordinary Minds is the project that Rich Schefren tipped me off about on my blog back in April 2009

Rich Schefren Is Cooking Up Something Big


Don't miss out on the League Of Extraordinary Minds


(affiliate link)

Join the League of Extraordinary Minds affiliate scheme

I gave you the direct link above and have since written an extensive article on how you can make money as a League Of Extraordinary Minds affiliate.


I have just found a preliminary list of topics that will be covered by the League of Extraordinary Minds:

- How to successfully deal with skeptical/apprehensive prospects and buyers...

- How to instantly build granite-like trust and credibility...

- How to build a huge online loyal community...

- How to make your sales efforts 75% more successful...

- Keys to direct marketing success...

- How to persuade different personality types to buy from you...

- The formula for becoming the ultimate entrepreneur...

- How to make big things happen - fast!

- The one business system that works today...

There's some great stuff there don't you think?

You join the League of Extraordinary Minds at


(affiliate link)

Who is the 54th member of the League of Extraordinary Minds?

It's not a mystery but the early promotion for the League has focused on 53 experts and the copy for affiliates to send out says there are 54 extraordinary minds.

What I'm saying to my email list about The League of Extraordinary Minds - what do you think?

"A Rare Chance to Learn From The Best----FREE

Two of my favourite mentors, Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham, have been quietly working for the past year putting together a one-of-a-kind "Brain Trust-Interactive" expert panel interview series for entrepreneurs....

This mega-gathering is called The League of Extraordinary Minds, and its entire focus is to bring together a collection of 53 of the world’s finest, leading-edged business experts on highly specialized subjects to help entrepreneurs like you achieve more success and higher profits.

These legendary men and women excel at seeing business building options and possibilities that virtually no one else in their field of business specialization perceives.

And now, they're handing the secrets to you.


https://schefren.infusionsoft.com/go/loemo/spinone/ (affiliate link)

You read that right--you can get inside the League of Extraordinary Minds for a full 6 weeks without paying a penny.

Inside these in-depth panel sessions, you'll discover...

--The most serious error nearly every business owner makes when trying to grow their business today.

--An easy to overlook critical factor your market is placing far more weight and value on in their purchasing decisions -- and how it can cost you big lost sales and profits.

--How less than five simple shifts in your current business approach can vastly improve performance and decrease risks and stress.

--The single most vitally important marketing discovery a business owner can possibly make in today’s changing economy.

--The most overlooked and underutilized stimulator of business growth today and why it’s essential to add this, twin-turbo-charging component to everything you ever do.

Plus much, much more.

I have been told that there is a limit on the number of entrepreneurs and business owners that will be let into the League of Extraordinary Minds for free so I urge you to take action right now to register.

https://schefren.infusionsoft.com/go/loemo/spinone/ (affiliate link)

I am excited about this program."

The full list of 54 experts in The League Of Extraordinary Minds

1 - Jay Conrad Levinson
2 - Stephen Covey
3 - Michael Gerber
4 - Brian Tracy
5 - Jack Trout
6 - Robert Cialdini
7 - Tony Robbins
8 - Fran Tarkenton
9 - Neil Fiore
10 - Dan Ariely
11 - Gary Vaynerchuk
12 - Kevin Hogan
13 - Al Reis
14 - Paul Zane Pilzer
15 - Joseph Jaffe
16 - Julie Morgenstern
17 - Spencer Johnson
18 - Sergio Zyman
19 - Michael Masterson
20 - Barry Schwartz
21 - Russell Granger
22 - Dan Hill
23 - Michael Bosworth
24 - Pam Danziger
25 - Christophe Morin
26 - Ori Brafman
27 - Joseph Jaffe
28 - Dr. Paul Shoemaker
29 - Bert Decker
30 - Paul Cherry
31 - Vicki Kunkel
32 - Bo Burlingham
33 - Eric Flamholtz
34 - Kerry Patterson
35 - Lou Adler
36 - Brad Smart
37 - Marilyn Tam
38 - Jan Yager
39 - Nancy Ratey
40 - Dave Crenshaw
41 - Jim Murphy
42 - Josh Waitzkin
43 - Dan Millman
44 - Kathy Kolbe
45 - Tom McCarthy
46 - Marshall Thurber
47 - Marshall Goldsmith
48 - Joseph Grenny
49 - Jeffrey Pfeffer
50 - Sam Deep
51 - Tony Jeary
52 - Herb Cohen
53 - Greg Hicks
54 - John Kotter

Well at least number the members of the League of Extraordinary Minds has confirmed that there are definitely 54 of them - excluding Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren.

When you join the League of Extraordinary Minds, you will be given access to an interview Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren did with Tony Robbins.

He is on fire - great stuff that is sure to make an impact on the way you think about your business.

See my blog Introducing The League of Extraordinary Minds: Your First Experience


Sign ups after just 12 hours have been very good and I can now share more details about where the League of Extraordinary Minds is going.

Sign up for the Extraordinary Minds nine panel interviews as promised is free which is fantastic. Clever technology means that these will be broadcast at 8:00 pm wherever you are in the world.

No catches, no commitment.

If you want the mp3s, the transcripts and the how to do it action guides, there is an upsell.

A small investment buys you the League of Extraordinary Minds mp3 etc as listed above. That's much more convenient and I generally listen to mp3s at about 150% speed. A little tip that Rich Schefren taught me.

It also gets you an 30 days in the League of Extraordinary Minds membership club which starts after the panel interviews finished. This saves you an immediate $47 and locks in a monthly 50% saving on the regular price.

What do you get for your membership? Access to two League of Extraordinary Minds panels each month plus the mp3s, transcripts and action guides.

You also get $2,500 of bonuses - 9 items in total.

Just one of them is "The Wizard's Edge" — A series of seventeen audios revealing Jay Abraham's most powerful profit boosting techniques responsible for billions of increased sales....

I know that the natural inclination is to say NO when these upsells appear but this one from the League of Extraordinary Minds is one to say YES.

Evaluate everything and if you are not happy there is a money back guarantee.

The webpage says that this is a one time offer - if you say NO you risk losing the bonuses. I would expect the mp3s etc to be offered again.


(affiliate link)

Details of the first League of Extraordinary Minds panel interview have been revealed.

"Getting Customers To Choose YOU Over Everyone Else: Leveraging Credibility, Believability, and Trust in Everything You Do"

for more details see


For more information about The League Of Extraodinary Minds bonus on the upsell please see


A few more details are available about the first panel interview for The League Of Extraordinary Minds on getting customers to choose you.

The panel of experts are
Jack Trout - Differentiate Or Die

Joseph Jaffe - Joining the Conversation

Kevin Hogan - Psychology of Persuasion

Michael Bosworth - Customer-Centric Selling

Russell Granger - 7 Triggers to YES: The New Science Behind Influencing People's Decisions

Bert Decker - You've Got To Be Believed To Be Heard

Stephen M.R. Covey - The Speed of Trust

When you sign up for The League Of Extraordinary Minds, you are offered the opportunity to get extra training if you tell a friend.

Depending on how many friends you refer you will be given:

an interview between Dan Ariely and Rich Schefren - fascinating how people do predictably irrational things

an interview between Robert Cialdini and Rich Schefren on influence

an interview between Gary Vaynerchuck and Rich Schefren on the remarkable impact of social media marketing.

All three of course are panel members of The League Of Extraordinary Minds.

This is a free offer so it makes sense to tell your friends so they don't miss out of the great business building information available.

The League Of Extraordinary Minds Review

Attention anyone searching for a review of The League Of Extraordinary Minds.

If you find one, it is not real.

The free program doesn't start to be broadcast until the end of October - October 29th 2009 in fact.

Then over the next six weeks, a total of nine panel interviews will occur.

Then the paid membership kicks in for those people who have opted for the upsell but not those on the free track.

Don't be taken in, either go for the free option and see what you think or try the upsell with the knowledge that there is a money back guarantee.

Just heard from Rich Schefren.

As of October 20th, over 27,000 entrepreneurs have opted in to receive the League of Extraordinary Minds interviews.

That's a phenomenal number but you can see the demand for it.

You can join them


affiliate link

So many reasons why this outstanding group of leaders can assist us in building our own empire. Thank you for this group.

Zack Covell, M.S.

Zack, thanks for your comment but you don't need to thank me.

Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham have been working for the last 12 months to put the League of Extraordinary Minds together.

Such commitment to the project is a huge signal to me that they are both right behind this Extraordinary Minds project and are determined to make it a huge success.

27,000 people in four days is extremely impressive but as Bachman Turner Overdrive sang in the seventies "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

I predict that the League Of Extraordinary Minds will go mainstream provided they don't put a cap on those joining.

I am attracting traffic from searches for League of Extraordinary Minds membership.

It is my understanding that membership doesn't start until after the six weeks of panel interviews have been completed.

Please don't be fooled by any League of Extraordinary Mind reviews because the panel interviews and ongoing membership content are not available.
But you can get a stack of great bonuses if you take up the offer of the League of Extraordinary Minds mp3s and transcripts.


Reminder that the first League Of Extraordinary Minds call is tomorrow, Thursday, October 29th

..."Getting Customers To Choose YOU Over
Everyone Else"...

You can access this free "League of Extraordinary Minds" Web Broadcast online at 8:00pm YOUR Local Time at a link that you get when you register at


(affiliate link)

Now the day after the first panel interview for the League Of Extraordinary Minds and I hope you enjoyed it (if you took action and joined it at the time.)

I will be putting my comments on the call at


We've now seen a little more of the business model behind the League Of Extraordinary Minds.

If you joined the call or go to the link afterwards you will have seen the offer for the:

pdf transcripts
action guides

plus one month's free membership of the monthly League of Extraordinary Minds club.

But none of the original "join the League Of Extraordinary Minds bonuses are on offer"

That's plenty of reason to make sure that you take them when you first can.

The offer said it was a one time offer but it wasn't clear just what was meant.

There is a tell a friend incentive so it is well worthwhile to have a list of people to whom you could recommend the League Of Extraordinary Minds.

One extra reward for each friend and it is doing them a favour as well.

To stop the League of Extraordinary Minds overwhelming my Business Coaching blog, my Jay Abraham blog and my Rich Schefren blog, I have created another blog focused purely on the Extraordinary Minds.


I am slowly writing backgrounds for the experts, building up a swipe file for the promotion and a series of other things connected with the League.

The first panel interview from the League of Extraordinary Minds was very interesting, both to find out how it would work and the content, tips and ideas from the experts.

I have reviewed it at


The second League of Extraordinary Minds panel interview has been announced and it sounds like another classic

"Using Brain Based Marketing to Engineer Irrefusable Offers: Getting People Who Don't Buy to Buy Enthusiastically"

The extraordinary minds on this broadcast are

Dan Ariely
Ori Brafman
Robert Cialdini
Pam Danziger
Dan Hill
Christophe Morin

More details about this second League broadcast at


The third panel interview from the League of Extraordinary Minds was:

"Pre-Emptive Marketing: Innovative Tactics That Outperform What Everyone Else Is

The top business experts who are in this Extraordinary Minds panel are

Jay Conrad Levinson
Al Ries
Gary Vaynerchuk
Sergio Zyman
Vicki Kunkel
Paul Cherry

You will find out more details about this broadcast at


In panel 4 the League of Extraordinary Minds switches it attention from marketing to building a business and entrepreneurship.

To be broadcast on November 19th at 8:00 pm the experts will discuss

"The Business Building Triple Play: The Three Key Levels that'll Multiply Any Small Business from the Inside Out"

The Extraordinary Minds in this panel are:

Michael Gerber
Lou Adler
Bo Burlingham
Dr. Eric Flamholtz
Kerry Patterson
Brad Smart
Marilyn Tam

Should be good...don't miss it.

No promises but the Panel 3 interview was available over the weekend and I hope that trend continues.

More details about the fourth broadcast at


OK things have gone quiet with the League of Extraordinary Minds.

There was a huge number of sign-ups but my affiliate statistics indicate that there weren't enough people who took the option of a paid subscription.

First, I am amazed because they offered some stunning bonuses.

Second, I think it's a shame. It was a great idea to bring these experts together and Rich and Jay did a great job of pulling together the ideas.

I guess it was just ahead of its time.

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