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23 June 2009


Want my business development questionnaire?

See http://businesscoaching.typepad.com/the_business_coaching_blo/2008/04/business-proble.html

To find and correct business problems you can work forwards or back.

Just make sure that the business problem you prioritise is a true business constraint.

A constraint is the problem which holds your business back and relieving that constraint means your business can move forward until it is limited by the next constraint.

This is business problem solving based on the book The Goal by Eli Goldratt based around capacity constraints in manufacturing but the logic (on the whole) is sound and it is transportable to other businesses.

In a manufacturing business, the work flow throughout the entire system depends on the operation which is a bottleneck since it regulates everything.

The more you push, the more the constraint holds back and the business problems get even worse if there are stops, blockages or other problems at the bottleneck operation.

For a more extensive discussion of the theory of constraints and its impact on solving business problems please see


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