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15 July 2009


Great list and explanation Paul
The other approach I've heard to satisfy the search for the holy grail of such statements is to focus on finding a Unique Perceived Benefit - and Domino's statement fits this mould as it's so focused on the customer's perception.

Thanks Mark for your comment.

The issue of USPs etc is dominating my thoughts at the moment because I am upgrading my coaching program on Pillar 3 which is all about positioning and includes this core marketing message.

"King of Pop" Michael Jackson is a fine example of a personal brand!

Does anyone have any more USPs or advertising slogans to add to the list?

Are there any that particularly resonate with you and immediately connected?

Dan Kennedy is one of my favourite direct response marketers.

Dan is a big advocate of developing a USP but is scathing of many of the slogans developed by Madison Avenue type advertising agencies.

This article written by Dan on USPs and slogans is worth reading for how not to do it.

sadly, while there are a lot of comments, they aren't worth your time.

To quote Dan,

"if anybody and everybody can use your USP, it ain’t one."

In contrast, here's an article from Joe Vitale arguing that when you become well known you can move away from an USP to become more of a brand.


Do I agree with Joe? Not sure.

Your USP creates a unique positioning in the minds of your target audience - a category of one.

I go along with the Jack Trout and Al Ries view that the most important aspect of branding is positioning.

You can have a well known brand but if people don't know what it stands for or means, then it doesn't really do you much good except in situations where customers will pick your product because it's the one they've heard of. That seems a poor return for a fortune spent on branding.

He argues that Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham have moved beyond a USP.

That may be true except that their USP is now understated - they are the real, authentic legendary experts.

If you want Dan Kennedy ideas, you can either follow one of his clones and there are plenty operating in niche markets or you can go to the man himself.

Dan uses slogans like "the millionaire maker" but his USP remains that he is the real Dan Kennedy.

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