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08 July 2009


Hmm, looks interesting; I'll have to try it out. One thing that comes to mind when hearing "scalable marketing" is viral marketing -- for example, videos on YouTube, AdWido, DailyMotion and so on that spread easily across the Internet.


Thanks for your comment.

Interesting that you should mention viral marketing as Mark Joyner was one of the pioneers of viral marketing and it is covered in the excellent book, The Irresistible Offer


Hey! I was doing a search on Dano barnett and found your site...good info. I also follow simpleology but I am not as informed about Mark Joyner as you seem to be. I live in Brussels so I have the same time issues with things being put out. I have a question for you re: the business coaching, do you think the simp buss. coaching would be good for someone that has never own a business, has never attended college and is a hairdresser by trade who just moved to brussels a year ago and is trying to figure out how to do business? Your thoughts would seriously help... cheers

Simpleology Business Coaching is a brand new program so it is difficult at the moment to know who it best suits.

I have learnt that what is great for one person is not so good for another because of the different situations, the different problems, the different knowledge and the different learning styles.

It also makes a big difference in one to one coaching how the coach and client interact. I know that I can get on great with some people but struggle with others because we think and act so differently.

I am a Simpleology Business Coaching beta tester so that gives me a chance to get a first look at the coaching program.

My expectations are high because I rate Mark Joyner so highly because I appreciate his gift for simplifying ideas.

I'm not sure of your situation as you say that you don't own a business. Perhaps you are planning to start one.

Personally I prefer to work with people who have already started their business and want to improve it than taking people through a start-up situation.

While many of the skills are the same, the start-up situation is a unique time - exciting but scary. In my experience people underestimate how difficult it is to attract customers and over-estimate revenue in the early months.

Have you had a look at the Business Start Up Cashmap?


Also take a look at my main Business Coaching Blog as it is packed with good stuff.


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