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18 July 2009


Why would it be 'rude' not to follow someone back who is following you? When I get a new follower, I always check their tweets and if I think they're interesting I follow them. If not, no hard feelings...

Twitter is NOT about marketing and getting a high follower count. Follower count doesn't matter. It's not about quantity but quality (however you define that).

If a followers bio mentions any of the following words, I don't follow them back: 'expert', 'marketing', 'viral', etc. I'm simply not interested in being a part of some marketeer's focus group (get a life). When someone I follow repeatedly posts Tweets on how to get a higher follower count, I stop following them.

To me, Twitter is about interacting with like minded people, finding information on stuff that interests me, having fun, etc. Everything else, to me, is BS.


Thanks for your comment on the Twitter follow issue.

I suppose that the "it's rude not to follow back" comes from the Facebook conditioning of accepting friends.

Personally I don't think it is rude not to follow on Twitter but I do think it can feel rude and I have even been accused of being rude for not reciprocating.

Not sure about not following anyone who says they are experts or marketing since you can pick up some good stuff.

But you are right - in the end it is about having fun and finding stuff that interests you.

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