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22 July 2009


This list is a very good list. I think one other reason that customers don't buy is because they don't have enough proof that you can deliver the results you promise.

You touched on this in your point about trust, but I think that it also speaks to the idea that you can build trust quickly by using a lot of case studies and client examples.

One of the other reasons that customers don't buy is because of fear. I often see that people want to make a change, but then back off or step away, because change can often be uncomfortable.

Thanks for such a thoughtful article.


Thanks for your comment on why people don't buy.

I agree with you entirely on the lack of trust issue and thanks for clarifying.

Having written extensively about the know, like and trust issue a few days ago I didn't want to repeat myself - especially with a follow up blog on Why Don't Prospective Customers Buy - Outreach Marketing which involves the marketer proactively contacting the potential customer and the burden of providing proof of claims will come up there.

Your comment about fear is also very relevant. A prospect may have a desire to change that comes from buying but it may be outweighed by the fear of making the change.

Thanks again for an excellent comment - so nice from the spam many people post.

Here are some more links to websites that help answer the question why customers don't buy.

Top 7 Reasons Why Customers Don't Buy


not sure what it is about the seven reasons but here is another

Seven Reasons Why Customers Don't Buy


Top 5 Reasons Customers Don't Buy Your Products


Four Reasons Your Customers Don’t Buy From You


I am beginning to think I should have put a number in front - it's the curiosity factor that draws you into that kind of headline as you run through the reasons in your mind.

Just counted up and I could call my article

"The eleven reasons why customers don't buy from you even though they are looking"

What do you think?

I really like the article and the list of reasons explaining why customers do not buy. May be, an onion-type graph will elaborate more on the subject with the core reason being, in my opinion, the lack of understanding their needs by the salespersons.
I have addressed this matter recently in a presentation entitled, “Consultative Selling and Customers’ Needs Identification”. The article offers new approaches to identifying customers’ needs.
The link the article is


Thanks for your comment.

I haven't read your article in detail on matching a consultative selling approach to customer needs but it looks good.

As a visual person, I like the use of the graphics.

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