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27 August 2009


Hi Paul,
Great review of the key concepts of The One Minute Manager and some of the criticisms that have been leveled against it over the years.

I think that you have accurately addressed each of the issues and captured or reaffirmed the original intent that Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson intended when they published the book over 30 years ago.

One thought I wanted to add to the criticism that "It Is Not Possible To Do One Minute Management In One Minute." I heard Ken Blanchard respond to this when he told a group recently that he and Spencer never intended people to literally think that you could manage people in one minute. Instead they wanted managers to "take the extra minute to set clear goals, catch people doing things right, and reprimanding or redirecting when necessary."

I also wanted to share that as you indicated, The Ken Blanchard Companies (and Spencer Johnson as well) have continued to build on the original concepts in the book.

Your readers can learn more about Spencer Johnson at www.spencerjohnson.com/ or can find out about the latest from The Ken Blanchard Companies at one of their blogs www.leaderchat.org. Thanks again for the great post!


Thanks for your comments on my thoughts about the criticisms of the One Minute Manager.

The book may be 30 years old but I still think that it is excellent.

I'd love to get more comments about the key concepts of the One Minute Manager and whether criticisms are valid in your opinion.

Come on, have your say.

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