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09 October 2009


There are many more authoritative sources of advice on Lean Manufacturing and the application of the 7 Wastes & Tim Wood than me but I hope that I have given your something:

a) to think about
b) shown that the concept developed in a big, complex manufacturing company can be applied to small service businesses.

If you want to know more about how the seven wastes, Tim Wood and Muda can be applied to manufacturing see

7 Wastes


This website offers a free wastes poster if you sign up

The 7 Manufacturing Wastes - by EMS Consulting Group, Inc, a consulting and training organisation that specialises in lean manufacturing.


Wikipedia covers the 7 wastes as "Muda", one of the Japanese words for waste


iSixSigma doesn't use Tim Wood but "Dot Wimp" as it's acronym.

Do I hear you cry "But Paul, the letters aren't the same"?

The Overprocessing from Tim Wood becomes Processing in Dot Wimp.


The 7 Wastes (Seven forms of Muda) is an article based around lists of the different wastes - interesting if you can look past the Google ads.


What is Lean? Introduction to the 7 Wastes is from The Manufacturing Institute. This includes seven new wastes in addition to the original 7 Wastes.


There are plenty more references on Google for the 7 Wastes as applied to Lean Manufacturing but these links above are a good start.

I said in the main article that I didn't know the origin of the Tim Wood acronym that make sit easier to remember the 7 wastes.

On the blog I a comment from Michael Moran who claims to have come up with TimWoods in 2000.

I am not sure what the extra S stands for

Avoid Tim Wood


I haven't had much success finding the 7 wastes being used in the service sector

This website gives an example of the wastes being used in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK and applied in terms of healthcare.


It seems that the idea has been adopted in the health care area as a more specific search has identified all these examples of 7 wastes in healthcare - and health is a service.

The 7 Wastes of Healthcare


8 Wastes with Healthcare Examples


It seems to have added the waste of "confusion"

Have you used the Tim Wood approach to identify and eliminate waste or muda?

If so, I'd like to hear how you found it.

Was any one step particularly important?

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