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18 December 2009


Hi Paul,

I appreciate the tension and mental gymnastics you are going through right now. While it may be making you a bit uncomfortable... that is what any "Magic Offer" should do. Provided you are my target audience, of course. :)

That said, I think your "Guru Greed Rule" is brilliant. I think everyone should adopt it. (If they are sane... and want to stay that way.)

We human beings are a unique lot. We want "quick and easy" but these are relative terms. In the search for instant gratification, we tend to get satisfied after purchasing a particular product. After that emotional need is filled... it's on to the next thing.

So let me give you a peice of advice I learned during my journey from copywriting newbie to top-gun, multi-million dollar copywriter - in record time.

Knowledge does not come from "learning."

That may be a shocker... but it's 100% true.

Knowledge comes from the learning PLUS implementing WHAT you learn.

So... my advice on consuming info products - look at what is the MOST important thing you can implement in your business. Your BIGGEST leverage point. Then seek that knowledge, and implement it, as fast as possible. That will lead you to mastery MUCH quicker.

If it's "I need to make more money" and you have products or services that are not selling like they should... or you have an offer you are crafting that will launch soon... the offer IS you biggest leverage point.

And if you can't communicate it well, sequence it correcly, or make it believable... you are dead in the water. No matter how much traffic you throw at it - you will see the money being left behind. It won't feel good. (I know from experience.)

Look, I know I'm hitting the "money hot-button" here. Everyone needs money to operate in the real world. But soon after that need is met, you'll see it's not THE most important thing.

That insite will help you use the skills in making money to help the world. (In whatever way resonates with you.) That's exactly why I teach this stuff.

Ok... end of lesson.

Thanks for bringing the importance of offers to your fans. That alone will make a difference.


Million Dollar Mike

Thanks Mike for the great comment about magic offers and the clash with my guru greed rule.

24 hours later you have still got me thinking about your offer.

What I've found is that the money is a minor - although very measurable - part of the equation.

Much more of a problem is the time commitment and I don't think buyers understand.

At first impressions, twenty hours of training is better than ten. It's not true if the core content is the same.

You can get through 9 hours of video in 3 or 4 by using this: http://www.enounce.com/download-myspeed

(Free trial, I'm not an affiliate)

This helps me blast through video trainings.

For audio, I use Audacity (free): http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

I can save between 30 and 50% of my time with audios by speeding up playback, and still get the stuff I need.

Gotta love shortcuts!


Million Dollar Mike


Thanks for another comment.

Provided I can download the mp3s and videos, I use Quick Time Player - the free version - from Apple which works well for me.

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