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19 March 2010


I've spent what must be several hours reading the Simple Writing System blog and how people are describing the customers' pain and the feedback from the stable of top copywriters involved.

It is fascinating stuff and the exercise gets you into the emotions of your market.

It is emotions which motivate purchase - the desire to move away from some kind of pain or towards some kind of gain - although the best copywriters stack up the logical reasons to buy as well.

If the bar example doesn't work for you, why not think about your prospects lying in bed in the small hours of the morning, worrying about their big problem.

What is it?
What is churning them up inside?
What do they need to do? Would like to do?

This may help if you think talking about what you solve is too frivolous or too private for chatter in a bar.

The idea of the Simple Writing System exercise is to get into the mind of your prospect because that's where the important action is happening and where the decision to buy or not buy is made.

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